Provincial Government Coordination Research Group Goes to Ganzi Prefecture for Investigation

Bringing Advantages to Help the Development and Growth of the Private Economy

【2019-10-22】 【四川政协报】 [Http://] [2019-10-22] [Sichuan CPPCC News]

From October 17 to 18, Li Changping, vice chairman of the CPPCC, led some members of the CPPCC Ethnic and Religious Committee to go to Ganzi Prefecture to investigate the development of private economy in ethnic areas.

The investigation team went to Gesar King City, Ganzi County, Shenghuang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. in Ganzi Prefecture, Guoda Farmers Market in Kangding City, Kangding Qingzanggudi Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and other places to learn more about the business operation and business environment.

Li Changping pointed out that we must conscientiously implement the spirit of the county's county-level economic development conference, support the healthy development of the private economy, further enhance the comprehensive strength and overall competitiveness of counties in ethnic regions, and promote the high-quality development of county economies. It is necessary to base on the rich ethnic cultural resources in ethnic areas, focus on developing the folk custom homestay tourism industry, and promote the healthy development of cultural tourism; vigorously develop characteristic agriculture and animal husbandry, enhance the competitiveness of modern agricultural parks, and drive the masses to increase their income and become rich.

During the investigation, Li Changping also went to Dajin Temple, Shouling Temple, Lingque Temple to visit and condolence the temple management members and temple monks and nuns, encouraging them to carry forward the fine tradition of patriotism, love of religion, and obedience to law, and deepen the "five passions, two adherence to three Responsible "learning and teaching activities. On the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Ganzi Prefecture Vocational and Technical School, Li Changping visited the school construction, hoping that the school will be based in Ganzi, serve Ganzi, and cultivate more new skills that are “useable, accessible, retained, and well done”. Professional and technical personnel.

Yao Bin, director of the Provincial CPPCC National Religion Committee, participated in the survey.

(Nima Dunzhu)

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