"Ba Shu Translator" Yang Wuneng recalls "Translator" Yu Guangzhong

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December 14 this year marks the second anniversary of the death of the famous poet Mr. Yu Guangzhong. Earlier this year, Professor Yang Wuneng, a well-known translator and "Bashu translator", fondly recalled some of his past with Mr. Yu Guangzhong. Some of these details have not previously been mentioned in Mr. Yu Guangzhong's article or biography, and thus have the value of benefiting celebrities for their own stories.

Yang Wuneng (right) and Yu Guangzhong (left).

"Madman" Yu Guangzhong

In the early 1990s, the young Yang Wuneng made his mark in the domestic translation industry. In 1991, he was invited to write a series of reviews on Goethe's lyric poems for "Masterpiece Appreciation" magazine, and found that Yu Guangzhong also had articles published in the same issue as his works. In 1992, "Masterpiece Appreciation" opened a "Masterpiece Fault Finding" column and first published Yu Guangzhong's "On Zhu Ziqing's Prose." The last paragraph of the article commented: Judging by the level and weight of everyone in the ancient texts, Zhu Ziqing was not enough to be a master. In the past 30 years, he has become a new generation of essayist, and his back is no longer high. In all aspects of prose art, there are rookies who have surpassed the former sage. Zhu Ziqing is still an important writer. However, the importance of writers was originally "historical" and "artistic". For example, Hu Shizhi's importance in new literature is mostly the creation of history, not the achievement of art. Of course, Zhu Ziqing's artistic achievements are higher, but his historical significance has been more important than artistic value. His "shrine", no matter how high or low, should be located in the 1920s and 1930s and stay there. In today's literary world, there are still many old believers in new literature. After decades of chasing after him, it is really a temple and a god. Most people's interest in literature turned out to be just visiting temples. As for the gods, they don't want to hold them accountable.

In the fifth issue of "Appreciation of Famous Works" of the same year, Yu Guangzhong directed the critical point of criticism to Guo Moruo. In the article "Sampling and Commenting on Guo Moruo's Poems", Yu Guangzhong commented: But what really touched us was Du Shi, not Guo Shi. Du Shi moved us because the world in poetry is real. The angry autumn wind is real, and the rain-shacked hut is real. The blatant gangsters, the beloved, and the last night poets are all ready to be seen. Guo Shi doesn't touch us, because there isn't a full and realistic world in it. The workers and rich children in the poem are just a glimpse, blurred faces, and no life. Although the poet repeatedly called his brothers to the workers and emphasized that "the men and women who go to work are extra blind to me", he could not describe them with their appearance, words, or actions, and give them life, and it was difficult for the reader. Realize how the poet "extra blindly" with the workers. The poet repeatedly promised that "our barefoot can climb mountains, we can go down to the field, and natural roads can be used by us", but readers know that this is only an empty promise. Will the poet really do it? There are still questions.

The publication of these critical articles quickly caused a great uproar in the literary world. Many scholars countered Yu Guangzhong's less respectful remarks in the name of "discussion", and Yang Wuneng also left Yu Guangzhong's first impression of "how arrogant".

Crazy, madman, this is Yang Wuneng's first impression of Yu Guangzhong.

"This impression is generally bad," said Mr. Yang Wuneng. "But calm down and read the full text carefully, and I will have a sense of" not without some truth "to Yu Lun. Compared to the" literature "of flattery today 'Critical', it can be said that Yu Guangzhong's courage and courage to challenge Chen's conclusion is very valuable. Maybe you will think that I was sorry for Yu Guangzhong. Good! Great writer, great writer, great translator , How can there not be a little arrogance in my heart? "

"Translate Everyone" Yu Guangzhong

Yang Wuneng did not expect, and soon met the "mad man" in this first impression.

On October 13, 1992, a foreign literature translation seminar co-sponsored by the Chinese Association of Translators (now the Chinese Translation Association) and the Institute of Foreign Literature of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was held at Baitenghu International Financial Resort in Zhuhai. Nearly 70 well-known experts, scholars and translators from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan gathered together to conduct extensive exchanges and discussions on the status of foreign literary translation, literary translation theory, translation experience and prospects. Yang Wuneng was invited to the meeting and met with Taiwanese translator Yu Guangzhong by chance.

At that time, Yu Guangzhong was 64 years old and Yang Wuneng was 54 years old. The two were 10 years old but they were just as they were.

"Of course he attended the conference as a translator, not a poet. In the translation industry in Taiwan, Mr. Yu already has a very high reputation and influence. The Old Man and the Sea, Van Gogh Biography (translated as" Van Gogh Biography in Mainland China ") Make him a well-deserved translator, "Yang Wuneng recalled.

"We were chatting during the meeting. When he heard that I was from Chongqing, he immediately shook hands with me and greeted me enthusiastically. He asked me many questions about Chongqing and Sichuan. From his questions, he found that he was very good at Chongqing and Sichuan. Understand. He told me that he was a "Xiajiang man" who escaped the war in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and had deep feelings for his second hometown that once sheltered and sheltered himself. To prove his half Sichuanese identity, he also recited to me A cynical 'humpback' children's song in Chongqing ... shows that he has affectionate memories of his youth in Sichuan and Chongqing. "

"Because of our common feelings for Chongqing, we feel as if we are in a foreign country, and soon became very close friends. Besides, we also know that we are alumni: he graduated from Nanjing Jinling during the Republic of China. University, one of the predecessors of Nanjing University, my alma mater. "

"The meeting and narration of Baiteng Lake has completely changed my impression of him. He is a very real person and will not deliberately cover up and hide his emotions, especially in literary criticism and academic discussion."

At the meeting, Yang Wuneng witnessed the grace of Yu Guangzhong. From then on, he looked at Yu Guangzhong with a kind of admiration and even admiration ...

"He is well-educated, talented, and eloquent. Even if he talks casually, he can talk about words and be full of humor and humor. I remember that he called 'Poem Saint' Du Fu 'Jimmy Du' (ingenious transliteration of Du Zimei) and was present The audience laughed. "

"Wise Man" Yu Guangzhong

"Mad man" to "old man", this is the deformation and transformation in the light of Yang Wuneng in the eyes of Baiteng Lake. Further transformation took place at a literary translation seminar at the Chinese University of Hong Kong five years later. Yu Guangzhong saw Yang Wuneng again, so the reunion was more cordial than the last time. They always sat together at the opening ceremony of the conference. Later, they frequently contacted each other, and Mrs. Yu Fancun also appeared. During the Anti-Japanese War, she attended middle school in Leshan, Sichuan. In the memory of Yang Wuneng, Mr. Yu directly introduced her "bride" as a Leshan person. Why does he and her have such deep feelings for Sichuan and Chongqing, and do they still need explanation?

At the seminar, Yu Guangzhong read a dissertation titled "The Endless Talk" and criticized the "translation endless" that everyone hates. Mr. Yu's thesis's rationale, arguments, and conclusions aroused strong resonance from the participants including Yang Wuneng.

No one knows that the wise man has a lot to worry about. At the end, Yu Guangzhong gave the words "Delicious, Strong, Dreamy, Egoistic, Personal, Robust, Great Xiangzi" at the end of "The Camel Xiangzi". I don't know How many escorts I sent with others; I do n’t know when and where he will bury himself, burying this fallen, selfish, unfortunate, childbirth in social sickness, individualistic end of life ghost ”as an example, Commented: As far as a series of "idioms" are concerned, Lao She seems stiff and strenuous, because a series of seven "idioms" on the head of "Xiangzi" are piled up by humans in general, and the four on the head of "children" is also like this. Obviously, Yu Guangzhong believes that Lao She's "Endless" in "Camel Xiangzi" is also a disease.

As soon as the words fell, no one expected that Yang Wuneng, who was "young and vigorous", stood up from his seat and pointed out directly:

"Mr. Yu, it is inappropriate for you to give the example of" Camel Xiangzi ". Mr. Lao She is a novelist. His" ,,, and "are rhetorical and have nothing to do with translation. These '' characters at the end of the novel , Freeze the image of Xiangzi's character, leaving an indelible impression! "

"My calamity silenced the entire venue. Everyone looked at me nervously, and then looked at Mr. Yu. The reason to look at me is because this guy is not courageous; to see Mr. Yu, because he is a master in the literary world of academia. He is a professor at Kaohsiung University and a former professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The seminar host, Professor Jin Shenghua, and several attendees are his disciples. "

The air in the venue was frozen. Everyone was nervously waiting for the storm to come.

To end this embarrassing situation and resolve the crisis, what will Mr. Yu say and do, and what countermeasures will he take in response to such martyrdom?

"Changing to other people may have the following countermeasures. One may say," Why is this problem unclear? Let's come down and discuss it again. "-This is called Mongolian pass, which is not known to Yu Guang, a great writer and translator. Take the second option, he can say, "Mr. Yang's opinion is not unreasonable, I might consider it thoughtless"-this is a perfunctory and sleek rhetoric, which can barely show a bit of imagination, but still not honest, I also let myself lose face more or less, also disdain for Mr. Yu. The third option, I can frankly admit that I was right, but with Mr. Yu's extreme intelligence and arrogance, arrogant personality, he was never willing to do so . Fourth, it is irrational to find reason, even put authority on it, to overwhelm others-this is undoubtedly the most failed and the worst strategy! Finally, guess what the great poet and university student Yu Guangzhong would say? "Yang Wuneng asked rhetorically. .

"A few seconds of silence, Mr. Yu slowly stood up, stared at me, bowed slowly to me, and said to me peacefully, 'I thank you, Mr. Yang.' Don, aggravated the tone and then said, "Thank you on behalf of Mr. Lao She!" You said, his answer is not clever or wise? "

"After he finished speaking, he took a seat, and the atmosphere at the venue suddenly eased down. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Naturally, I was even more so. Fortunately, I did not take the liberty to turn my newly-acquainted friend into an" enemy. "

"At the break of the meeting, I became the center of the conversation. Many attendees surrounded me. More than one scholar took the initiative to say to me," Mr. Yang, you are right. "The next day, there were media reports in Hong Kong This 'interlude' has no right or wrong in the controversy, and has not been promoted to a debate or even a quarrel, which vaguely reveals regrets that are not regarded as lively. "

"Friends become 'enemies', which is really my concern. Mr. Yu later chaired the seminar and was invited to the stage to speak on behalf of one party. Qi Bangyuan of Taiwan, China. Her famous work is" The Giant River ". And Hong Kong's Leading figures like Jin Shenghua; in the mainland translation industry, there are giants such as Ye Shuifu, director of the Institute of Foreign Literature of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, who picked me out as a 'small character' and let me sit on the podium 'nonsense This shows that he has no grudges at all about me. This move not only dispelled the dark clouds in my heart, but also proved that his moonlight scenery and open-mindedness. "

Mr. Yang Wuneng breathed a sigh of relief, adding: "These details show the charming style of Yu Guang, the wise man. It is a pity that we will never encounter such a wise man!"

"Old friend" Yu Guangzhong

Poet Yu Guangzhong's fame overshadowed the achievements and influence of translator Yu Guangzhong. Since then, Yang Wuneng and Yu Guangzhong have fewer and fewer chances to meet, but they have met twice in Nanjing University, their common alma mater.

"One was the centennial celebration of Nanjing University in 2007. Mr. Yu and I were both guests of the celebration. He was more famous and influential. He was invited to give a lecture in the school's old auditorium, and I spoke at the School of Foreign Languages." Mr. Yang Wuneng recalled.

"The other time was when I didn't know when and where we were staying together for a long time, and I was extremely happy about it, although it was not 'real people', but just our names. Humanities of Nanjing University's Outstanding Alumni Directory The list of the art world is sorted by strokes of surnames, so I am on the left of Mr. Yu. In the list of only 40 or 50 people, in addition to Yu Guangzhong and Yang Wuneng, there are also Ma Sicong, Xu Beihong, Pearl Buck, Zhang Daqian, and Zong Baihua. Such as Lei Guaner's name. However, what makes me feel most affectionate is naturally the name of Yu Guangzhong ... "Speaking of this, Mr. Yang Wuneng has fallen into deep memories.

Life does not meet each other, moving like a business. He did not expect that the day when the deceased became an "old person" would come so soon.

On December 14, 2017, Mr. Yu Guangzhong died of illness in Taipei, and the Chinese world is full of memories. In the Beihai, Mr. Yang Wuneng heard the bad news and felt sad. He recalled his acquaintance with his acquaintance. He couldn't help walking to the window and overlooking the turbulent tide of Beibu Bay. He faintly heard the words and laughter of Sichuan accent in the light from the distance sound……

庞惊涛 ( Pang Jingtao )

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