The wooden box

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Not long ago, the wooden box in the storeroom was turned out again.

The copper on the four corners of the box was covered with green mold, and the topcoat had fallen out of sight. I put it in the living room and wiped it. The wife met and asked, what age is this, do you still plan to move to a new house?

I listened, and said as I wiped, this can't be lost, but this is baby. In my mind came the experience of this box, which has been used for more than half a century.

The box is the mother's dowry. Ever since I remember, the box has been amazing. The light red lacquer, the box has a colored bird with spread wings, and the four horns are covered with bright copper skin. The most beautiful is the lock, made of brass, butterfly type, very delicate. The box is not large and light, compared to the large and bulky wooden boxes at home, it is a craft.

Mother's box was always locked with a copper lock. Every time my father buys back something delicious from the outside, we share it for us, and the rest is always put in the box. New year's new clothes are always taken out of the box. I have tried many times to find the key of my mother's lock box, and stole the delicious food inside, but I never succeeded because my mother always took the key with her.

Apart from eating, I never saw my mother put anything inside. The more so, the more curious I am about this mysterious box, and I want to know what treasure is hidden inside. Once, when my mother changed clothes and forgot to take out the key, I secretly took the key to open the box, but found that there was nothing else in the box except for a few new clothes and most of the packets of biscuits.

Later, when I was in high school, I had to go to the town dozens of kilometers away and live in school. I wanted to speak several times before going to school. I asked my mother for the mahogany box on the high closet, but I thought it was the mother's dowry, so I didn't say anything.

My mother saw my mind. The day before I went to school, my mother took the box out of the closet, and I felt happy for a while, thinking that my mother must bring me the box to school. Sure enough, the mother wiped the dust off, and slowly took out the contents of the box one by one, and whispered to me, "This box you take to the school to load things. Take care and don't break it. "

I could hear my mother's tone. Although I was reluctant, I still took out what I loved for my son.

At school, like other classmates, I tucked that box of clothes under the bed. I just picked up two small wooden boards on the bank of the river outside the school and placed them under the box, so as not to stain the bottom of the box. Because of my mother's words, I naturally loved the box, and I would wipe the box with a rag every few days, fearing that the wet floor of the dormitory would mold the box.

I have been doing this for three years in high school. So when I graduated from high school, the boxes of more than a dozen people in the same dormitory were almost beyond recognition. Some of the locks were dropped and some of the paint was lost. Only my mouth was still intact. Many students have thrown away the boxes, and I still obediently bring books and wooden boxes home.

The college notice came, and the box I prepared was still the first. With a smile on her mother's face, she said, "Go to college, this box is going to go to the provincial capital with you, and see Da Shimo." In order not to be bumped on the road, my father brought the box with a straw rope "Five flowers big tie", until the train, the conductor did not let the straw rope into the compartment was untied.

After graduating from college, I went to work. Back at home, my mother asked me if the box was thrown away? I replied, "Why would I throw it, it's your dowry, accompanied me to high school and university, and witnessed the first college student in our village."

Later, I changed my job many times, from one city to another, but the wooden box was always with me, from a young boy to half a hundred old people. Recalling the past of this wooden box, a nostalgic mood can not help but linger in my heart.

鲁珉 ( Lu Yan )

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