Thoughts on Strengthening Democratic Supervision in the CPPCC of our Province

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General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC: "The CPPCC is an institutional arrangement with Chinese characteristics, an important channel for socialist deliberative democracy, and a special consultation agency. The CPPCC's work must focus on the tasks of the party and the country and focus on unity. The two main themes of democracy and democracy are to integrate consultation democracy through the entire process of political consultation, democratic supervision, and participation in politics. We will improve the content and form of consultation and deliberations, and strive to promote consensus and solidarity. " And the implementation of major national policies, policies, and important decisions. "In a speech celebrating the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, it was stated:" It is necessary to strengthen democratic supervision of the CPPCC and improve the organizational leadership and rights protection of democratic supervision. , Informed feedback, communication and coordination mechanisms. "To strengthen democratic supervision of the CPPCC, we need to deeply understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech and carefully study the" Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the Democratic Supervision Work of the CPPCC "(hereinafter referred to as" opinion") The new positioning on the CPPCC democratic supervision. This raises new topics, new tasks, and new requirements for how to improve democratic supervision of the CPPCC in the new situation.

In recent years, with the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and the strong support of the provincial government, the CPPCC organizations at all levels have actively explored and practiced democratic supervision. The awareness of democratic supervision is generally enhanced, the forms are innovative and diverse, and the social influence is continuously expanding. It has played a positive role in promoting economic and social development and has become an integral part of the social governance system. At the same time, we should be soberly aware that the current situation of democratic supervision by the CPPCC is still far from the requirements of the Party Central Committee and General Secretary Xi Jinping on the CPPCC and the expectations of the broad masses of people. Standardization, insufficient authority, etc.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "We must grasp the direction and principles of supervision politically, actively carry out democratic supervision, further explore the form of supervision, improve the supervision mechanism, and put forward critical and constructive opinions and suggestions on the basis of in-depth investigations to assist the party Solve problems with the government and improve work. "" To strengthen democratic supervision of the CPPCC, improve the organization and leadership of democratic supervision, rights and interests protection, informed feedback, communication and coordination mechanisms. "The General Secretary pointed out for us to further strengthen and improve the democratic supervision of the CPPCC. Orientation. In practice, we must take this as the key to promote action. We can strengthen democratic supervision of the CPPCC from five aspects.

I. Promote institutional construction. Determine the objects, scope, methods, and procedures of democratic supervision through the system, and effectively promote the institutionalization, standardization, and proceduralization of the CPPCC's democratic supervision, ensure the members' right to exercise democratic supervision, and restrict rigid behaviors that do not cooperate with democratic supervision. Promote the good experience and good practices that have proven to be effective as system norms, and strive to make democratic supervision rule-based and rule-based. Actively explore the establishment of institutional mechanisms, operating mechanisms, and safeguard mechanisms for democratic supervision to ensure that democratic supervision is guaranteed by the system and achieves effective results.

Second, expand forms and approaches. Through the organization of supervision and investigation, supervision and inspection, democratic evaluation, style evaluation, inspection and investigation, supervision of key proposals, selection of special supervisors, counterpart consultations, asset management committees, briefings, submission of investigation and inspection reports, proposals, proposals, and reflections Social supervision and public opinion, the opening of online discussions and other methods to carry out democratic supervision, and play a complementary role in various forms. The first is to choose the right topic and angle. Focusing on the central work of the party committee and government, and the strong and difficult problems reported by the people, we must start from the overall perspective and start from a small scale. The second is to emphasize methods and promote work. In the process of democratic supervision, we must be sincere, patient and meticulous, grasp the values, take the initiative to communicate, and strive for support. In particular, it is proposed that criticism should be in accordance with laws and regulations, without arbitrarily adding analysis, and go online, so that the subject of supervision is sincere and convincing and achieves the intended purpose. The third is to use external forces to coordinate and interact. We must rely on the attention and support of party committees and governments, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the broad masses of people, absorb the results of democratic supervision at the grass-roots CPPCC, put forward effective democratic supervision opinions, and promote work to the next level.

Third, highlight the role of the subject. The effect of democratic supervision depends on the subject of democratic supervision, that is, the quality of CPPCC members. It is a long-term task of the CPPCC system and CPPCC members to continuously improve the quality and performance of CPPCC members. We must fully understand the significance and role of democratic supervision, continuously enhance our sense of political responsibility and sharpness, strive to find and raise issues, truly exercise the right of democratic supervision on behalf of all sectors of society, and actively promote the work of party committees and governments. To continuously improve the level of advice and suggestions, in the process of democratic supervision, we must not only accurately and correctly ask questions, but also propose practical improvement measures or solutions to problems to ensure the quality and effectiveness of democratic supervision. At the same time, it is necessary to increase training for members' ability to perform their duties, arrange their duties, and strictly evaluate and manage.

Fourth, build a social supervision network. The party's leadership is the fundamental guarantee for the democratic supervision of the CPPCC to maintain the correct political direction and the correct functioning of members. Therefore, in the process of democratic supervision, the CPPCC should actively report to the party committee and place all aspects of democratic supervision under the leadership of the party committee. The party committee should strengthen its leadership over democratic supervision and support the supervision of the CPPCC. The government must consciously accept democratic supervision by the CPPCC; the CPPCC must take the initiative to strengthen its ties with the people's congress, disciplinary inspection, auditing, letters and visits, and news departments, and jointly build a social supervision network to make the CPPCC democratic supervision and The combination of legal supervision, party and government supervision, and public opinion supervision has formed a good pattern of democratic supervision.

5. Establish a democratic supervision and feedback mechanism. For the opinions, suggestions, social conditions and public opinions provided by the CPPCC organization and members, the handling unit shall timely report the handling, adoption and implementation in the form of written and conference notices within the prescribed time. At the end of each year, the General Office of the Provincial Government will notify the Standing Committee of the CPPCC of the implementation status, the results of the key consultation issues, and the status of the proposal, and answer the questions and concerns of members. The CPPCC should also take the initiative to strengthen follow-up and effectiveness, especially the proposal and supervision of social conditions and public opinion, and should also follow up the supervision in a timely manner, dare to focus on key issues, key links, and key areas, and let the monitoring results be fully implemented.

(The author is a full-time deputy director of the Liaison Committee of the Local Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.    Qin Yong)

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