Highlight the "three specialties" and strive for "three effects"

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People-government cooperation is an important channel for socialist deliberative democracy and a special consultation institution. It has unique, unique, and unique advantages in advocating for governance and building consensus. At present, in the process of carrying out the consultation activities of the CPPCC, there are still problems such as insufficient quality, good results, new forms, insufficient systems, standardized activities, and incomplete procedures. Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Wang Yang made it clear at the Second Session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference that "they work hard to make special consultation institutions' special ', special,' quality, and 'special'." With whom, how to negotiate "and other issues, promoting the two-way development of the CPPCC's high-quality advice and broad consensus building has important practical guiding significance.

Highlight the characteristics of seeking truth and being pragmatic

First, we must understand the real situation. At present, one of the main reasons why some negotiation activities are not high-quality and ineffective is that the investigation and research are not thorough enough. Practice has proved that the most effective way to truly grasp first-hand information and truly understand the needs and expectations of the grass-roots is to take small team actions, visit randomly, walk out of the venue, walk into the scene, and go deeper into the grass-roots and front-line. Go to enterprises, enter families, and enter farming households, pull home, check people's sentiments, listen to people's voices, communicate face-to-face, seek opinions, and narrow the distance between the CPPCC and the grassroots.

Second, pinpoint the real problem. The CPPCC has the characteristics and advantages of wide contact and inclusiveness. In the conduct of consultation activities, members, experts, democratic parties and party and government departments should be widely invited to participate to promote multi-directional communication and multi-party interaction. The crux problem. In accordance with the principles of not deviating from the direction, avoiding problems, and not intensifying contradictions, through multi-form, multi-layered, and multi-angled communication, we can thoroughly discuss the issues and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of consultation and advice.

The third is to reflect true will. In the negotiation process, encourage truth-telling, telling the truth, building up words, and giving practical advice, based on objective reality, adhere to business to seek common ground, and work together to achieve sincerity, and promote sincere and indifferent exchanges, fierce and extreme criticism. It is necessary to adopt the consensus of the majority and reflect the wishes of the minority, reflect the voices and wishes of the grassroots, and help the party committee and government to make decisions more "in line with public opinion, serve the people, and win the hearts of the people." CPPCC value.

Relying on elites will "exclusively" produce quality

First, we must select professional members. CPPCC members are the main body of CPPCC work. The quality of members and their professional capabilities determine the quality of performance and the efficiency of consultation. Only by selecting the best soldiers in the corresponding field according to different topics will conduct consultations and discussions, and the opinions and suggestions can be "supply and demand" and "targeted precision". Therefore, in accordance with the characteristics of the times and development needs, the composition of the CPPCC sector should be adjusted and set up in a timely manner. For the formation and composition of members, explore and establish rigid regulations. Industry elites and authoritative persons with high enthusiasm for performing their duties and strong professional ability are really absorbed into the committee members.

The second is to build a CPPCC think tank. The People's Political Cooperation is a great unity and a large joint organization, with rich human resources and huge intellectual advantages. CPPCC committees at all levels may choose to hire CPPCC members and experts and scholars from various industries to form "CPPCC think tanks" by category to make a good reserve of talents for conducting consultation activities. At the same time, we should strengthen the horizontal interaction and up-and-down interaction between the CPPCC think tanks. In particular, experts from higher-level CPPCC think tanks can be selected to guide and participate in the consultation activities carried out by local CPPCC, to maximize the integration of upper and lower intellectual resources, to form the complementary advantages of "inner brain" and "outer brain", and play a role of "1 + 1> 2". The effect of consultations has effectively improved the quality of local CPPCC consultations.

Third, we must choose the topics and leaders of the consultation. Pay close attention to the implementation of the party's and state's major policy guidelines, and combine major local work arrangements and annual consultation plans, focusing on hotspots, focal points, difficult points, and pain points of party and government concerns, social concerns, and people's livelihood concerns. "Should be negotiated and can be negotiated", adhere to the "big issues, small cuts", so that the topics to be negotiated meet the needs of the party and government, meet the wishes of the people, and are suitable for the CPPCC consultations. According to the needs of the project, from the professional committee members and "CPPCC think tanks", select members or experts with strong organizational, credible and influential powers as the project leader and negotiation participants, so that the consultation activities can be carried out with more quality and more Efficient and more distinctive.

Persist in brainstorming "exclusive" level

First, we need to build a consultation platform. In order to effectively enhance the effectiveness of consultation, a multi-subject, equal dialogue, and open discussion mechanism should be established; a consultation platform for orderly participation of all strata, groups, and sectors; and a channel for direct dialogue between members and the masses, experts, and departments. Continuously enhance the openness and transparency of the negotiation content, expand the participation in consultation activities, and truly change the consultation activities from "the CPPCC solo" to "social chorus" so that the results of the consultation can be maximized and reflected in consensus.

Second, we must enrich the form of consultation. Innovatively carry out consultation activities such as round-table consultations, sector talks, and members' conference halls; make full use of modern information technologies such as big data, self-media, and the Internet to explore forms such as online discussions and remote consultations; use the CPPCC portal website, WeChat public account, Emerging media such as the CPPCC Mobile Newspaper timely promoted party and government information to members, publicized the work of the CPPCC to the outside world, solicited consultation topics from the society, and realized "mobile consultation", "handheld consultation", and "smart consultation", allowing the masses to interact directly with members and experts To continuously improve the breadth and effectiveness of consultation activities.

Third, we must standardize the negotiation process. For the key links such as the formulation of the negotiation plan, the determination of the negotiation topics, the organization of the negotiation activities, the submission of the negotiation results, the feedback of the negotiation opinions, and the publicity of the negotiation results, the time-bound requirements and responsible units are clearly defined. Establish a feedback mechanism for consultation results, formulate specific operational methods for handling, implementation and feedback of consultation results, and ensure that the consultation results "have an echo, and everything is in order". Establish a publicity and incentive mechanism for consultation activities, vigorously publicize the fruitful negotiation activities, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of members to participate in the consultation, and truly realize the two-way development of high-quality advice and broad consensus.

(The author is the chairman and party secretary of the Luzhou CPPCC    Tian Yadong)

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