Shouchu's mission should have "Ziziiu spirit"

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"Hengmei Leng pointed at Qianfu and bowed his head to be a bullock." This eternal sing by Mr. Lu Xun in "The Tide" expresses his two attitudes. He is extremely hated of the dark society, never yields to the enemy, and to the working public. Extreme sympathy and willingness to bow down to the people to be bulls and horses. The "Xunziiu spirit" is actually the "fool spirit" upheld by the Communists. It is a spirit of diligence, dedication, selfless dedication, and courage to take responsibility. This "fool spirit" should become the spirit of the times and become a member of the party. Perseverance and persistence deep in the world of mission spirit.

Turning on the picture of Chinese history, from the war-torn revolutionary era to the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in the great process of founding and building a new China, countless people with lofty ideals and Communists were willing to be "bullocks" and practiced with the "fool spirit" Carry out your original mission and explain the ideal purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly.

During the revolutionary war, a large number of "fools" who gave up their senior officials and rich people for the sake of national independence and national liberation, gave up their heads, devoted their lives and gave their precious lives, compose a patriotic movement with great vigor. The truth that the Chinese Communists, represented by Zhu De and Liu Bocheng, gave up the senior officials Hou Lu and Rong Hua Fugui who were given by the old warlords, and risked killing themselves to cross the sea and seek to save the country and the people. It is this "stupidity" that strengthened the revolutionary armed forces. Strength; After the arrest of Communists represented by Fang Zhimin and Xia Minghan, they would rather sacrifice their lives than betray the organization and comrades. It is this "stupidity" that has won the victory of the Chinese revolution.

During the period of peace construction, a large number of "stupids" who devoted themselves to ordinaryness and devoted themselves to hard work in order to build socialism wrote a arduous entrepreneurial movement. Lei Feng, a communist fighter who "puts his limited life into the infinite service to the people," insists on helping others, but this "stupidity" has become the moral seed and basic values of people in New China; "Twenty years less live, Wang Jinxi who is desperately trying to win the big oil field", using his body to stir the mud to suppress the blowout, but this "stupid" interprets the spirit of the iron man and has achieved the Daqing Oilfield; "the heart holds all the people, Only the county party secretary Jiao Yulu, without himself, dragged his weak body to fight the "three harms", and eventually fell to the post. However, this "stupidity" polished the background of the Communist Party members and established the county party committee. The benchmark of the secretary; Qian Xuesen, the "father of spaceflight" of China, resolutely gave up the good living treatment abroad and returned to the motherland, plunging into the vast Gobi Desert, a rare place in the Northwest, and studying with wind and food, but this "stupidity" has laid down China Airlines Industrial foundation.

In the new period of reform and opening up, a large number of "stupids" who have dedicated themselves and dedicated to building a well-off society have written a moving patriotic dedication movement. Kong Fansen, the role model of leading cadres, resolutely chose to stay in the Ali area known as the "Roof of the World's Ridge" and "Forbidden Zone of Life" after two successful completion of the Tibet aid mission, and dedicated his life to the snowy plateau and Tibetan people. However, it is this "stupidity" that promotes local economic and social development and national unity. The flood-resistant hero Li Xiangqun fainted on the embankment four times, still fighting ill, Hong Mo heroically sacrificed, but it was this "stupidness" that kept the Nanping embankment. In the new era, Lei Feng, Guo Mingyi, insisted on going to work 2 hours a day for 15 years, donating more than 60,000 ml of blood for 20 years without compensation, and assisting students in poverty for 16 days. This is such a "stupid" The spirit of the entire "miner" has been sublimated, many patients have been reborn, and more than 180 extremely poor students have completed their studies; Luo Yang, commander of the F-15 carrier-borne aircraft engineering, fought day and night, due to overwork, sacrificed in the F-15 In the research and development position of carrier aircraft, it is this "stupidness" that has enabled China ’s F-15 carrier aircraft to successfully take off and land the aircraft carrier “Liaoning Ship”, which has achieved a historic leap in China ’s national defense construction.

Although these "stupids" in different periods span historical time and space, flowing through history, with different careers and different experiences, in them, the lofty quality of the "bull ox" of Gan Wei people is reflected everywhere. Faith and energy, the heart of great love, the spirit of selflessness, and aggressive spirit are the best portrayals of our national spirit. They are the "backbone of our nation."

At present, China has entered a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and is in the "no great change in a century". The temptations of various interests continue to strike, and the impact of diversified values has made the international and domestic situation more complicated and the problem more difficult. Many party members and cadres are no longer calm, and it seems difficult to be indifferent to fame and fortune. There are endless restrictions and even blatant violations of the eight central regulations. Some party members and cadres have forgotten their original intention when they joined the party and relaxed the transformation of world outlook, outlook on life, and values, so that they violate the party discipline and state law and embarked on the path of crime; some party members and cadres have a strong people-centered development concept, and they are slow to work or even do not. As a result, insufficient efforts have been made to resolve the masses' concerns and annoyances, and the effectiveness of doing their best for the people has not been effective; some party members and cadres have not enough political integrity to keep the people clean and pragmatic, and they are not strict with themselves, eager to enjoy themselves, corrupt and degenerate, and finally go to serve the people Some party members and cadres have insufficient entrepreneurial strength, a lack of political responsibility and a sense of historical mission. They talk more and speak less of actual actions. Some party members and cadres consider personal gains and losses, protect themselves and look ahead, and they dare not to face major or difficult events. Take on. Although these problems and shortcomings are individual minorities, in the past they will directly affect the image and prestige of the party and government among the people, directly affect whether the party's ruling intentions can be resolutely implemented and implemented, and directly affect the people's masses. Whether the fundamental interests can be maintained and realized.

At present, the whole party is carrying out the theme education of "do not forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind". Party members and cadres should take this as an opportunity to carefully review and implement the rectification of the problem. "Opinions as", adhere to the mission of the original intention, strengthen the responsibility, and make the thinking, ability, and action keep up with the requirements of the Party Central Committee, keep pace with the times, and keep up with the needs of career development.

Mr. Lu Xun once said: "This world is a 'fool' world, supported by 'fool', promoted by 'fool', created by 'fool', and finally belongs to 'fool'". Mr. Lu Xun's sentence can be a perfect interpretation and true portrayal of the "Xunziiu spirit". The familiar image of "Xun Zi Niu" shows more spiritual vitality and a sense of the times. "Xun Zi Niu Spirit" is still the spirit of the times. "Looking forward to be a bullock bull", whether in the old era or the new era, this "bull" is needed.

The Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that in the new era, our party must complete the three major historical tasks of advancing modernization, reunifying the motherland, maintaining world peace, and promoting common development. ". Party members and cadres are the key to accomplishing the "three major historical tasks" and to successfully complete the "three major offensives." This requires party members and cadres to have new ideas, new actions, and new responsibilities for officers and entrepreneurs. They must have the attitude of devotion, dedication, and pioneering spirit. When "bull" does "horse". A party member and cadre who has the feeling of "bull ox" can only hold the party's cause and the interests of the people in his heart, and can only eliminate interference in the face of personal gain and loss. Seek development, serve the people wholeheartedly, keep in mind the original intention, keep in mind the mission, work hard, and continue to move forward.

(The author is Peng Benzhi, a member of the Liaison Office of the CPPCC of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC)

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