Lao Luo and his "Peach Blossom Dream"

——Luo Hong, member of the Guangyuan CPPCC and chairman of Huangmao Agricultural Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.

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In June, the reporter drove to Huangma Township, Cangxi County. The car was driving on a winding mountain road. Outside the car window, the cypress trees filled the mountain.

Huang Mao Township, located at the junction of Wangcang, Cangxi and Nanjiang counties, is the site of the famous "Yellow Cat Battle". The deep red culture is rooted in this land. However, the continuous Qinba Mountain blocks its connection with the outside world. The steep slopes and lagging traffic have become the biggest bottleneck restricting the economic and social development of Huangmao Township.

Six years ago, Luo Hong, a member of the Guangyuan CPPCC, actively responded to the call of the local party committee and government to return to his hometown and start his own business. He returned to his hometown to invest and start a business.

"This Luo'an Road under our feet was started by Lao Luo to repair it." Huang Mao Township Mayor Bai Luo told reporters that the locals all kindly called Luo Hong "Lao Luo".

Concentrate on the road to prosperity for farmers

Luo Hong is a native of Huangmao Township, Cangxi County, Guangyuan City. In the 1990s, the country's enthusiasm for doing business in the sea set off. Luo Hong, a hard-working and pioneering man, went to Chengdu to start a business and went all the way to become Chengdu Stone. The industry leader.

"Yellow cats are the place where I was born and raised me. No matter where I go, I ca n’t forget the ridges I used to pass when I was a child. I ca n’t forget the hillsides where I used to cut firewood and grass. I ca n’t forget that I am a mountain baby.” Luo Hong has never forgotten his roots. Whenever the festival is celebrated, he will return to visit his fathers and mothers and donate things for them. Whenever he sees the poverty and backwardness of his hometown, he always thinks that the folks have not escaped poverty. Do something yourself.

It is a long-awaited dream of the local people to build a road from Huangma Town to Mumen. "Before our poor mountains and poor water, inconvenient transportation, the young people were gone, the land was deserted, and there were only a few elderly people left in the village." Mao Maofang, a group of 7 targeted poverty alleviation households in Junzhai Village, Huangmao Township, told reporters that Luo Hong had to return home The road has caused a lot of sensation in the countryside. At first, everyone did not believe that he could really repair the road.

"External cadres can't keep it, and local fellows want to go out" is a true portrayal of Huang Mao Township. Bai Luo told reporters that Huang Mao Township had not started large-scale projects for nearly 10 years before Lao Luo returned to his hometown. Many people have been "ridden" in this barren land.

In order to repair the road, Luo Hong called for expert planning and design, and found a "rich road" that opened Huangma Township to the outside world. He personally contributed more than 7 million yuan, and mobilized the majority of cadres and people to donate more than 1 million yuan through the local government.

Enough funds were raised, Luo Hong and his team carried explosives up the mountain, the wind and the rain went up and down, their palms and feet were torn, all over their bodies were injured. More than 40 cars were broken back and forth, and two small trucks were scrapped. After two years, a 15-kilometer-long expressway was finally blasted in the cliffs, connecting the Huangma Township to the Guangba Expressway wooden door exit, realizing a 20-minute high-speed historical leap, and clearing the Huangma Township that has long been restricted Develop "obstructions" to getting rich in traffic.

During the road construction process, the local people were deeply moved, they sent tea and rice, coordinated the forest land actively, and used it for road repair without compensation. Luo Hong fulfilled the dream of Huang Mao Township. The folks called him "Contemporary Yugong." Everyone agreed to name this road "Luo Hong Road", but Luo Hong declined it. He suggested naming this road. For "Hong'an Road", which means "inheritance of the red gene, stability and peace for generations", the folks felt that it had a profound meaning after hearing it, hence the name of Hong'an Road.

Today, the "Hong'an Road" monument stands upright. The monument records the donations made by the cadres and the masses, 10 yuan, 100 yuan, 1,000 yuan ... and Luo Hong's name is like this stele, deeply rooted in every folks In my heart.

"Next, I hope that the government will widen and transform this expressway in accordance with the design standards for tourist highways, and incorporate it into the planning and construction of Provincial Highway 302 to completely solve the problems of ordinary people in Huangma Township and road maintenance." During the period, Luo Hong submitted a proposal on "Accelerating the Upgrading of the Cangwang Junction Highway and Promoting the Rejuvenation of the Cangwang Junction Mountainous Area". As a member of the CPPCC National Committee, he continued to provide suggestions for the construction of the hometown highway.

Industry and agriculture lead villagers

"Lao Luo is here!" A middle-aged, dark-skinned man came face to face, Luo Hong, the hero of our story.

"Help us propagate the yellow cat, the white meat, and the cat!" Hearing that we came to interview him specifically, Luo Hong advertised his own puppet.

"Yellow Cat Township is located in a subtropical humid monsoon climate area, with abundant rainfall, sufficient sunshine, clear four seasons, high altitudes, and large temperature differences between day and night. It is an area suitable for planting crickets." The road has been repaired and the industry can develop better. After listening to the advice of Chen Dong, an expert from the Horticulture Institute of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Luo Hong led the villagers to plant white meat hoe. This one is for years.

Since 2015, Luo Hong has successively transferred more than 4,500 acres of land from the local people, and established Huang Maoyu Agricultural Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. to test the cultivation of white meat crickets in the mountains. The company adopts the operation mode of "land rent + dividends", and many local people have become shareholders of the company.

"Lao Luo took all the risks and everyone was willing to take the land out to Lao Luo to take care of it." He Meng, the secretary of the village party branch, told reporters that Luo Hong was worried that the effect of the trial planting in the previous two years was not good, so he transferred some No matter what the harvest is at the end of the year, the folks will try to plant the land according to the land rent as scheduled. Later, more and more villagers choose to hand over the land to Luo Hong for care. ".

"There are more hills and less land, which is the most suitable for fruit growing." Luo Hong told us his consideration. The land of Huangmao Town is barren and many traditional crops are not easy to grow, but the mountain is a good place to grow fruits. In addition to white meat, Lao Luo also introduced high-quality fruit varieties such as kiwi, alpine pear, alpine crisp peach, and vigorously developed green ecological fruit cultivation.

In Sichuan, white flesh is a rare species that many people have not heard of. White meat clams have a delicate taste and a strong fruit aroma. The ripening period of the fruit is generally in June, just staggering the market peak of red (yellow) meat clams, and the price of white meat clams is several times that of red (yellow) meat clams. The market potential is huge.

In order to be successful in trial planting, Luo Hong took his team to the Academy of Agricultural Sciences all over the country to “learn lessons”, and at the same time introduced a variety of white meat crickets for trial cultivation, and repeatedly experimented with “how to grow the best crickets”. A few years later, Luo Hong's hair was busy white, his skin was tanned, and the experimental results came out.

After 5 years of repeated experiments, this year, the yellow cat 垭 white meat 枇杷 hangs fruit for the first time in a large area. In the park, rows of linden trees can't be seen at a glance, and the rafters on the branches are big and sweet, and the growth is pleasing. In June this year, the yellow cat 垭 white meat 枇杷 landed in Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places, and received great praise.

Build rich farmers together to build the capital of peach blossoms

The fruit industry is getting more and more prosperous, but Luo Hong has no intention of putting a fake on himself. He told reporters that he still has a "Peach Blossom Dream". He wants to make Huangmao Town the capital of peach blossoms and make his hometown more beautiful. The folks live a better life. He took the lead in demonstration, planting more than 80 kinds of ornamental peach flowers on both sides of the highway in the township, and planting more than 40 kinds of other flowers, such as plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, bauhinia, etc., and built Huang Mao Town into a beautiful country with beautiful flowers and seasons.

"Today's Huangmao Town has beautiful scenery and red tourism resources, which is especially suitable for rural tourism." Luo Hong guided the local poor households to develop 13 farmhouses based on the theme of "walking the Red Army Road, viewing the peasant landscape, and enjoying the peach blossoms". Huang Mao Township has changed its old appearance of poverty and backwardness, and is welcoming guests from all directions with a new attitude.

In March of this year, during the "Yellow Cat and Peach Blossom Festival", the peach blossoms blooming in the mountains and mountains were fascinating and beautiful. "In just one month of Peach Blossom Festival, some farmhouses and restaurants earn more than 200,000 yuan, more than in the past year." Bai Luo bluntly, Peach Blossom Festival has attracted tourists from all directions to come and enjoy the flowers, which greatly boosted the local economy. The pockets of the common people bulged.

To build the capital of peach blossoms, one's strength alone is not enough. With the support of the local party committee and government, Luo Hong organized more than 100 entrepreneurs outside Huangmao Township to set up the Huangmao Chamber of Commerce. After the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce, it responded positively to the national “Million Enterprises Helping Ten Villages” precision poverty alleviation action and the provincial CPPCC ’s “I do things for poverty alleviation” activity, drawing a yellow cat town “ecologically rich people blueprint” for hometown construction: Combining poverty alleviation and building a beautiful yellow cat town, we are focusing on creating modern agricultural tourism and red cultural and rural tourist destinations.

The members of the Chamber of Commerce make full use of their advantages in capital, contacts, market information and other aspects to assist the party committee and government in attracting investment and develop in accordance with the industrial development pattern of “parks, parks, parks, and parks”. Modern ecological agriculture and the red cultural tourism industry have embarked on a new path of rural revitalization.

"There is no way to build roads; there is no water to draw running water; there is no way to make money, and we are engaged in industry. Now our yellow cat has everything and wants to make the people rich." Luo Hong used plain words and pragmatic This action explained the responsibility and responsibility of a CPPCC member. The Qin Ba man, who has passed his fate, is still busy in the mountains and fields every day, and continues to struggle on the avenue to help Huang Maoyu escape from poverty.

(Hou Jian Xiang Haishu reporter Jiang Handong)

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