Cut out another wonderful life

——Remember Li Yaxue, member of the Pakistan-China Political Consultative Conference and representative representative of Sichuan Province's intangible cultural heritage hand-cut

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On September 6, the Fifth China (Sichuan) International Tourism Investment Conference and the Sixth Sichuan International Tourism Exchange Expo opened in Leshan. In the Pakistan-China exhibition hall, Li Yaxue, a member of the Pakistan-China Political Consultative Conference and the representative inheritor of Sichuan's intangible cultural heritage manual paper-cutting, is performing paper-cutting. I saw her holding a red piece of paper in her left hand and deftly walking through the room with scissors in her right hand, and a butterfly spreading wings appeared in front of the audience and won applause.

In May, Li Yaxue was successfully selected as a Master of Arts and Crafts in Sichuan Province, becoming the first person in Bazhong City to win this honor. "This is both an honor and a spur. In the future, I will work harder to continue the hand-cutting technique." Li Yaxue said.

A pair of scissors

Cut out a wonderful life

Li Yaxue suffered from polio at the age of three and has been accompanied by a crutch since then. In her childhood, under the guidance of her grandma, she developed a strong interest in paper cutting. Through grandma's hands-on teaching and personal self-study, she gradually mastered basic paper-cutting techniques. With the country's increasing protection of intangible cultural heritage, in 2004, Li Yaxue decided to take paper-cutting as his lifelong career and began to study paper-cutting techniques.

"I used to cut some very traditional patterns with my grandma, but to let more people understand the paper-cutting, we can't stick to the old style, and we must combine the aesthetics of today's people to create, which requires continuous learning." Reading books and analyzing patterns, Check the information on the Internet, practice painting, cutting, carving ... Li Yaxue plunged into the paper cutting skills.

In order to improve the paper-cutting skills, Li Yaxue has repeatedly visited Beijing, Shaanxi, Guangzhou and other places to learn from folk artists. In studying, exploring, and summarizing, she changed the traditional paper-cut paper structure, and used the changes of light and shadow, realistic and exaggerated elements in her creation. She also used modern techniques such as multi-layer paper engraving, color registration, dyeing, and monochrome to transform The combination of paper-cutting and traditional paper-cutting has created a number of bright-colored, exquisitely produced, and distinctive regional features.

Because she has been sitting with paper-cuts for many years, Li Yaxue's eyes are highly myopic, and her cervical spine has problems. Her calluses and grooved fingers often hurt, but her dedication and love for paper-cuts has not diminished. Kung Fu is worthy of care, and her work has gradually attracted attention and won various honors. In recent years, her works such as "Silver Tremella Girl", "Nuoshui River", and "Ancient Town of Maoyu" have participated in many Chinese paper-cut art exhibitions, etc. Among them, "Panda Picture" was included in the top ten panda art boutiques in the world in 2014.

Li Yaxue's works have not only gained popularity in China, but also exported to Pakistan, Britain, Singapore and other places. Relying on a pair of scissors, she cut a little different life with little effort through self-improvement.


Inheriting skills to help the poor

"Paper-cutting has helped me achieve some results. I hope more people will like paper-cutting and get rid of poverty through it." In 2014, Li Yaxue established Sichuan Liangxue Crafts Co., Ltd. and recruited 20 disabled people.

One of them is Li Huadong, who has disabled legs. "I am following the arrangements of Teacher Li to systematically learn design-related knowledge to provide design support for paper-cutting." Li Huadong said that he can not only learn paper-cutting techniques, but also earn income from paper-cutting, and is full of confidence in the future.

Li Yaxue also holds paper-cutting art training classes from time to time to provide free training for disabled people, poor households who have set up files, and subsistence allowances, and according to the company's operating conditions, each person is given a training subsidy ranging from 40 to 60 yuan per day. Currently, More than 1,000 people have been trained.

"After the training, I distributed some of the company's orders to them to help them achieve flexible employment at home, which can increase their income by about 1,000 yuan per month. It cannot be said that they will be ignored regardless of the training, otherwise it will not make sense to run this training course." Li Yaxue Speak from the heart.

Every time the paper-cut training, the disabled Yang Shuxiu, who lives in Minsheng Town, Tongjiang County, will not fall. "Thanks to Mr. Li for her help, my life is much better now." Yang Shuxiu told reporters that now she can only earn 1,500 yuan per month by selling window flowers at home.

As the representative inheritor of hand-made paper-cutting in the intangible cultural heritage of Sichuan Province, Li Yaxue actively teaches the traditional skill of paper-cutting to young people. Almost every month, she regularly teaches paper-cutting skills to Bazhong Vocational and Technical College, Tongjiang County Special Education School, and other places, and cooperates with some streets (communities) in Chengdu to provide paper-cutting training for local people with disabilities.

At present, Li Yaxue's company has a total of 61 employees at home, most of whom are poverty-stricken households who have set up a file, disabled people, and people with subsistence allowances. In recent years, the company has assisted a total of 705 people, and has exported 150 key personnel to engage in paper-cutting work in various places. It has been awarded the title of “National Cultural and Creative Industries Base for the Disabled” by the China Disabled Persons' Federation.


Committee members keep in mind

Since becoming a member of the CPPCC, Li Yaxue has actively conducted research on topics she has been in contact with and the people are concerned about, and has actively provided advice and suggestions on the building of public cultural talents, the development of private education, and the improvement of the rural living environment.

Every year, with the help of his son, Li Yaxue takes the time to go to the countryside to take a look, listen to the voices of the masses, and understand the needs and expectations of the masses. In February of this year, at the third meeting of the fourth session of the CPPCC, Li Yaxue submitted a "Proposal on Strengthening Policy Support for Improving Rural Living Conditions". In April, the "Tongjiang County Rural Human Settlement Environment Improvement Implementation Plan (2018-2020)" was issued, clearly focusing on planning, garbage management, sewage treatment, toilet revolution, old village renovation, and improvement of village appearance. And financial support. "I recently visited the village I visited before and found that the local living environment has improved a lot. I am very happy." Li Yaxue said.

For future duties, Li Yaxue has already planned. She stated that she will base her work and innovate paper-cutting skills in her inheritance; continue to provide paper-cutting training for more disabled people and people with difficulties to help them find employment flexibly; strengthen learning and improve their ability to perform their duties; visit the grassroots to investigate and write proposals .

"I think the most important thing is to learn more, to observe, understand, and think among the masses. This cane can accompany me to many places." Li Yaxue looked at the cane beside the chair and said with a smile.

谭浩记者钟继辉阳亚舟 ( Tan Hao reporter Zhong Jihui Yang Yazhou )

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