Perseverance and Inheritance: The Dream-building Path of the "Member Commissioner"

——Remember Tang Dehou, member of the Provincial CPPCC and Sichuan famous Chinese medicine practitioner

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"I flashed my waist when lifting heavy weights yesterday, and then my waist kept hurting. Today I feel even more pain, and I feel annoyed when walking." Recently, the reporter came to Chengdu Qingyang Dehou Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is located in Ximapeng Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu. Museum, Chengdu citizen Ms. Song is describing the condition to Tang Dehou, a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Sichuan famous Chinese medicine practitioner.

"You stand up, bend your body forward, then bend it backwards. Do you feel uncomfortable forward, and you will feel more comfortable backwards?" Ms. Song couldn't help nodding after trying. "You have an acute lumbar sprain, which will worsen the next day and local edema. I will first use awn needle acupuncture to reduce edema, and then perform manual reduction, and I can recover soon." Tang Dehou patiently explained the treatment plan.

Tang Dehou, 62, has a full work schedule every day. In the morning, he took a seat at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum to examine the pulse, acupuncture, and prescriptions for patients who came to seek medical treatment from various places. In the afternoon, he would go to the expert outpatient clinic of the Second Chinese Medicine Hospital of the province. Although working at full capacity every day, Tang Dehou is patient with every patient. "Healers must be honest and precise, seek truth and sincerity, seek correctness and goodness" has always been his insistent medical practice.

Unique Acupuncture Therapy

Listed on the "intangible heritage"

Born in a family of traditional Chinese medicine, Tang Dehou has been engaged in clinical work of traditional Chinese medicine for bone injuries, orthopedics, and acupuncture for more than 40 years. Based on years of accumulated experience, Tang Dehou concluded a unique set of awn needle acupuncture on the basis of acupuncture therapies transmitted at home.

The awn needle is a special long needle, which is called awn needle because of its slender shape like wheat awn. Tang Dehou showed reporters a few awn pins, of varying lengths, the longest being three feet. "The difference between acupuncture needles and traditional acupuncture lies in the technique and puncture. The key is depth. For example, lumbar disc bulging, ordinary acupuncture can only pierce the skin, can not reach the focus, and the acupuncture needle can directly reach the diseased area." He said .

"Huazhen acupuncture has three characteristics: one is that the acupoints are rarely selected, usually four or five acupoints are selected; the second is that acupuncture is deep, the general acupuncture needle is one or two points, and the Huayin acupuncture is one or two inches; the third is general Acupuncture does not leave the needle, as long as you get qi, pull the needle. "Xie Keqing, associate professor of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that Tang Dehou's mang acupuncture is a major improvement and development of the Chinese acupuncture treatment, and it is very important in the field of Chinese acupuncture. Research value.

Tang Dehou's awn needle therapy is derived from traditional acupuncture, but its acupuncture, depth of acupuncture, and clinical effects are different from ordinary acupuncture, especially in the treatment of intractable diseases such as chronic bronchial asthma, trigeminal neuralgia, and stubborn disease. Effect. In 2019, the "Tang's Mountain Needle" was included in the sixth batch of municipal intangible cultural heritage representative projects by the Chengdu Municipal Government.

On November 6, outside the waiting room of the Provincial Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Grandma Huang, 85, was recommending Tang Dehou's acupuncture acupuncture to another patient. Two months ago, Grandma Huang had limited limb movement due to a sudden cerebral infarction. After Tang De's thick awn needle treatment, she can now eat with a spoon and walk against the wall. "I'm really looking for a good doctor!" Granny Huang said with sincerity.

Practice teacher education

Let the tradition of Chinese medicine spread

How to inherit and develop acupuncture and acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine has always been a question for Tang Dehou. "Because awn needles pay attention to depth and technique, they require more than ordinary acupuncture. They need a solid medical foundation, are familiar with human anatomy, and can withstand long and boring techniques. Few students can persist." Tang Dehou said.

In recent years, the relevant departments of Chengdu have supported him to establish the Tang Dehou Tang's Mang Needle Skills Master Studio in Chengdu, and the Provincial Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has also established a "non-heritage" Tang's Mang Needle Inheritance Studio for him to come and learn from the teacher. Acupuncture is constantly flowing, and many foreign friends come from afar. In 2001, the Irishman Keith Dowling came to Chengdu to study Chinese medicine with Tang Dehou, and returned to Ireland to open his own Chinese medicine clinic after his studies, dedicated to the spread of Chinese medicine culture.

"Traditional Chinese medicine is a discipline with accumulated experience. It has always been about the inheritance of teachers and disciples. As a TCM person, I have been thinking about how to impart my experience to future generations and teach them hand in hand. This is one of the current TCM careers. Problems urgently needed to be solved. "At the first session of the 12th Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Tang Dehou submitted a proposal of" Building a Traditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance Platform and Cultivating Practical Talents of Traditional Chinese Medicine ". Cultivation, I hope the government will give policy support.

spare no effort

Drums for the development of Chinese medicine

As a member of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Tang Dehou always insisted on providing advice and suggestions around the cause of Chinese medicine. In recent years, he has submitted a series of proposals such as "Creating Traditional Chinese Medicine in Sichuan to Promote the Development of Sichuan's Large Health Industry", and "putting the pulse on the pulse" for the development of Chinese medicine in our province .

Sichuan is known as the "Hometown of Traditional Chinese Medicine" and the "Treasury of Traditional Chinese Medicine". The number of TCM practitioners and the variety of Chinese medicinal materials are among the highest in the country. "So many Chinese medicine professionals are still unable to meet the needs of Sichuan people for Chinese medicine services. In addition, the masters of traditional Chinese medicine and old Chinese medicine practitioners have reached an advanced age, and the number of famous doctors' inheritance studios is insufficient. Green and yellow are not connected, and the fault phenomenon is serious. "Tang Dehou said.

How to build Sichuan traditional Chinese medicine and promote the development of Sichuan traditional Chinese medicine? At the Second Session of the 12th Session of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Tang Dehou submitted "Creating Sichuan School of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Promote the Development of Sichuan's Large Health Industry", and proposed to build a "Sichuan School of Traditional Chinese Medicine" brand, making it a new business card for Sichuan and the whole country.

"I want our 'Chuanpai TCM', including pediatrics, gynecology, surgery, orthopedics, acupuncture experts, to join hands to impart experience to existing TCM students, not only to let them master systematic theories, but also TCM specialists Practicality. Through the cooperation of traditional Chinese medicine, personal experience will be imparted to a new group of undergraduate and graduate students of traditional Chinese medicine. "Tang Dehou said.

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China specifically proposed "inheritance and development of the cause of Chinese medicine". In recent years, China's Chinese medicine industry has entered the "fast track" for development. Tang Dehou is deeply encouraged and delighted by this. He said that no matter whether he is a doctor or a doctor, he needs in-depth research, active innovation, and excellence, and he will continue to contribute wisdom and strength to the development of Chinese medicine.

记者 阳亚舟 ( Reporter Yang Yazhou )

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