The Fifth China (Chengdu) International Science Fiction Conference is exciting-love science fiction, come to "China Science Fiction Capital"

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■ The "2019 China City Science Fiction Index Report" was released. The "Top Ten Science Fiction Cities in China" list was released, and Chengdu scored the first place. It was awarded the "China's Most Science Fiction City" in 2019;

■ Alai, Chairman of the Provincial Writers Association and former editor-in-chief of "Sci-Fi World" magazine, and the "Hugo Award" winner Liu Cixin received their "special awards";

■ Established "China Science Fiction Research Institute", the first domestic science fiction academic journal "Science Fiction Review" ...

The 5th China (Chengdu) International Science Fiction Conference

Love science fiction, come to "China Science Fiction Capital"

From November 22nd to 24th, the Fifth China (Chengdu) International Science Fiction Conference with the theme of "Multiple Fantasy, Colorful Future" was held in Chengdu Eastern Suburb Memory · Chengdu International Fashion Industry Park. 60 international guests and more than 300 well-known Chinese science fiction writers and scholars attended the meeting. In 3 days, this city with the reputation of "China's Science Fiction Capital" has fully promoted the exchange and collision between local science fiction and the world's science fiction. It also brought 49 special series forums and international science fiction cultural & creative industry & industry exhibitions, which presented a science fiction feast to the citizens.

Rainy weather does not stop everyone's enthusiasm for the conference.

Chengdu, a city where science fiction comes

"Chengdu science fiction writers have a high proportion of total population, high levels of institutional activity, and great potential for science fiction exhibitions and theme parks ..." At the opening ceremony, the "2019 China City Science Fiction Index Report" released by Shenzhen Science and Fantasy Growth Fund Chief Researcher Mitutoyo showed that The top ten sci-fi cities in China are: Chengdu, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Tianjin, Wuhan. Chengdu ranks first in total score, becoming the "China's Most Sci-Fi City" in 2019.

The life-like exhibits stop the audience.

The ranking is based on 16 indicators in 4 dimensions, including industrial development, policy support, media coverage, and residents' acceptance. Chengdu ranks first in both the industrial development and policy support dimensions.

The China (Chengdu) International Sci-Fi Conference originated in 1991. After years of accumulation and development, Chengdu has long become a "Chinese science fiction" in the minds of science fiction fans with its long history of science fiction culture, strong sci-fi cultural atmosphere and frequent sci-fi cultural activities. Capital. " Here with the Science Fiction World Magazine as the core, a group of top domestic science fiction writers such as Liu Cixin, Wang Jinkang and He Xi have been discovered and cultivated. In recent years, the rapid development of Chengdu's cultural and creative industries has also given the advantages of science fiction literature to the advantages of being transformed into cultural creation and cultural industries.

At the "Science Fiction Enlightenment First Lesson" special forum, guests participated in live interviews.

In recent years, Chengdu has clearly proposed the planning and construction of "China Science Fiction City" (China Science Fiction Industrial Park), vigorously develop the science fiction cultural industry, and create a science fiction industry functional area and an international platform. Based on this, at the 77th World Science Fiction Conference held in Dublin, Ireland, on August 16, Chengdu officially applied for the 81st World Science Fiction Conference in 2023. The final right to host the 81st World Science Fiction Conference in 2023 will be decided by the participants of the world at the 79th World Science Fiction Conference held in Washington in the United States in 2021.

Science Fiction Show Lets Science Fiction Fans "New Year's Eve"

"There are tens of thousands of roads, safety is the first, driving is not standardized, and my loved ones are in tears." At the entrance of the "Wandering Earth" theme exhibition, every visitor couldn't help saying this "safe travel word."

The eight major exhibition areas such as the Chengdu Science Fiction Cultural & Creative Exhibition, the International Science Fiction Cultural & Creative Exhibition, the Wandering Earth theme exhibition, the Star Trek spaceship model exhibition, and the Star Wars theme exhibition set up at this science fiction conference are exciting. Sci-fi fans yell "New Year in advance"!

Sci-fi fans fall into the "ocean" of sci-fi works .

"The Wandering Earth" theme exhibition is undoubtedly the "most beautiful boy" at this International Science Fiction Cultural & Creative Exhibition. The original issue of the "Science Fiction World" magazine, which was first published by "Wandering Earth", and the rescue team ’s military exoskeleton, ground protective clothing and other film shooting original costume props, precious design manuscripts and more than a hundred stills ... let visitors not only understand the film Unknown behind-the-scenes stories, and also learned related scientific knowledge.

As China's most sci-fi city, what development plans and urban potential does Chengdu have? In the Chengdu Science Fiction Achievement Exhibition Area, visitors saw the local science fiction achievements represented by "Science Fiction World" magazine. Science Fiction World Magazine displayed outstanding works from the past 40 years, reproduced the development history of China's 40 years of science fiction, and highlighted Chengdu's status as "China's Science Fiction Capital".

"Wandering Earth" theme exhibition area.

"My daughter is in class today. I will help her meet idols and give her a gift. She especially likes Da Liu. When" Wandering Earth "was released, I watched it with her three times." On the morning of the 22nd, Liu Cixin signed the sales event. Senior high school students talked to reporters about her little science fiction fan.

In 3 days, 18 well-known domestic and foreign science fiction writers, including Liu Cixin, Robert Sawyer, Wang Jinkang, and He Xi, started 7 signing activities, and the crowd at the event was endless. In order to meet idols earlier, some science fiction fans rushed to the venue several hours in advance to wait.

Sci-fi opens the window of imagination and creation for children

The 49 special series forums are also one of the highlights of this conference.

How to lead children into the science fiction world? How to let science fiction open the window of imagination creation for children? On the 24th, the "Science Fiction Enlightenment Lesson One" special forum invited science fiction writers He Xi and Zhao Haihong, Ren Hechun, deputy director of the Network Science Popularization Department of China Science and Technology Museum, and Huang Rui, director of the editorial department of "Science Fiction World" (Juvenile Edition), and other guests to participate in the live dialogue.

"Speaking of science fiction, everyone may think that this is a niche. In fact, I think science fiction is popular. How to make science fiction bring more inspiration to children is an issue that adults should think more." He Xi believes that science fiction Not only fun and wonderful, but also the ability to stimulate imagination and thinking.

The VR technology experience project at the conference attracted young visitors.

"Parents must first understand what science fiction is, and distinguish science fiction, science popularization, fantasy, and magic," said Ren Hechun. "Fantasy and magic are imaginary ideas that don't require logic. Science is rigorous. It is a scientific theory that has been demonstrated and considered. Science fiction is the product of the fusion of fantasy and magical imagination with popular scientific theories. It has wonderful imagination plots and rigorous scientific theories behind it. "

This view was endorsed by Zhao Haihong, "The science fiction must have theoretical support behind it, but the storyline can be absurd and strange. Science fiction breaks the barriers of science and fantasy and magic, which is its most moving feature." Zhao Haihong It is recommended to select the science fiction works in accordance with the age of the children, so as not to obscure the children due to the obscure scientific theory behind the works.

"The selection of science fiction works mainly depends on the age of the child and the degree of understanding of scientific knowledge." Huang Rui, who has been engaged in the selection of science fiction works for a long time, suggested that younger children pay more attention to pictures. Their interest. Children with more literacy can choose short science fiction novels. It should be noted that short stories must be classic and have basic scientific knowledge, and violence and blood must be avoided. Later, children will establish their own reading preferences, and they can choose their own works of interest. In addition, she also suggested that science fiction works must be carried out with science popularization, and that science must be learned while reading stories in order to have an inspirational role.

(Reporter Dong Yan Zhang Shiruo)

Guest interview

Sawyer's prophecy may come true

Guest interview: Chengdu writer, winner of the first Kyushu Star July

Reporter: Your masterpiece "The Stars" is the first long-form science fiction novel with Chengdu as the background and "protagonist" in recent years. In your opinion, what is the process of doing science fiction? Can you summarize your understanding of the text of science fiction in one sentence?

July: Working in creation is a very hard process, which is probably equivalent to a 007 job. Fortunately, I can feel the beauty of wisdom, spirituality, rationality, and humanity. In my opinion, science fiction is a kind of literature that reconstructs and thinks about the world through imagination, about technology, about the future, and about people's lives in it.

The Chengdu Science Fiction Achievement Show shows the strength of "China's Science Fiction Capital".

Reporter: What special impression did you leave of coming to Chengdu to participate in the science fiction conference?

July: As a person who rarely participates in the event, I have seen so many readers and fans for the first time, there are young people, and some are older. This is in stark contrast to the old generation of readers of science and technology in Europe and the United States. Perhaps Robert Sawyer, the "Godfather of Science Fiction Literature" in Canada, predicts that China will become the next world science fiction center instead of the United States.

Reporter: In your eyes, does Chengdu have the foundation to build China's science fiction highlands, and what aspects do we need to focus on in the future?

July: The concept of sci-fi highland may be more compared to other cities. I think, first of all, Chengdu is the city with the best sci-fi industry base in the country. Chengdu should build itself into an industrial base that outputs more outstanding sci-fi cultural products. This requires both the efforts of science fiction cultural companies like Yaguangfen Culture and "Sci-Fi World", as well as the efforts of our authors.

(Reporter Tang Zhaoyi)

Members interview

"Applying magic" is a process of integration into the world

Interviewed members: Standing Committee of the CPPCC, Director of the Provincial CPPCC Culture, History and Learning Committee, Chairman of the Provincial Popular Science Writers Association,

Wu Xiankui, winner of the first and fourth "Chinese Science Fiction Galaxy Awards"

Reporter: At the two provincial conferences held in January, Peng Qinghua, the secretary of the provincial party committee, attended the provincial CPPCC federation and listened to speeches from members of the literary and artistic circles. You stated that "Strengthen the development of Chengdu's science fiction industry and build China's science fiction capital", and suggested that Chengdu apply for the 81st World Science Fiction Conference in 2023 (hereinafter referred to as "Shen Fiction"). Your suggestion was affirmed by Secretary Peng Qinghua, and was subsequently listed as an important proposal of the CPPCC this year. What are the positive meanings of Shen Shen? Almost a year has passed. In your opinion, what progress has been made in building science fiction in Chengdu?

Wu Xiankui: The World Science Fiction Conference, which started in 1939, is the most watched, oldest, largest and most influential sci-fi cultural theme in the world today. The Hugo Award, known as the "Nobel for Science Fiction," is in the world. Announced at a science fiction conference. Every year, tens of thousands of science fiction enthusiasts from all over the world participate. The process of "applying fantasy" is to enable Chinese science fiction fans, science fiction creators, and all practitioners in the science fiction industry chain to focus on science fiction. I have always believed that science fiction is a future-oriented art. The Chinese nation has a long and heavy history. We have pride, but we cannot indulge in past achievements, but also strive to create future glory. Chengdu's "Shenhuan" process is actually the process of Chengdu and China's integration into the world and the world's focus on China and Chengdu. I think this kind of interaction will push humans to consciously face the future and face various unknown trials.

The Chengdu government attaches great importance to our proposal and has designated a special agency to handle the proposal. Since this year, we have also seen that Chengdu has taken another big step in the process of building a science fiction capital. In August, at the 77th World Science Fiction Conference held in Dublin, Ireland, Chengdu officially proposed to host the 81st World Science Fiction Conference in 2023. At the just-concluded Fifth China (Chengdu) International Science Fiction Conference, Wu Yan, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Science Popular Writers Association and a well-known science fiction theory researcher, released the "2019 China Science Fiction Industry Report", specifically pointing out that Chengdu supports the "Silicon Film and Television Silicon Valley" project Science fiction projects represented by them have large investment and good results. "Science Fiction Index Report on Chinese Cities 2019" released by Shenzhen Science and Fantasy Growth Fund, Chengdu ranked first in total score.

Reporter: At the forum of this International Science Fiction Conference, you indicated that Chengdu has the hardware and software requirements of "Shenzheng". Please talk about your point of view.

Wu Xiankui: Yes, Chengdu has the software and hardware requirements for bidding for the 2023 World Science Fiction Conference. What is needed most now is to let the world of science fiction know Chengdu.

First, Chengdu has the earliest and largest circulation of science fiction magazines in the country, Science Fiction World. It was published 40 years ago and has affected three generations. From "Sci-Fi World", Liu Cixin, Han Song, Wang Jinkang, He Xi, Xinghe, Wu Yan, Jiang Bo, A Kui, Mitutoyo and many other science fiction star writers were walked away. The sci-fi novel "Three Body", which won the Hugo Award for the world's highest science fiction novel, was planned and launched by "Science World". Chinese science-fiction blockbuster "The Wandering Earth" and "Crazy Aliens" were also launched in Sichuan.

Second, Chengdu has the foundation for developing the science fiction industry. The sci-fi blockbusters "Wandering Earth" and "The Child of Nezha" are two very hot films this year, and the relevant technical team in Chengdu has made important contributions. In fact, there are many folk science fiction institutions in Chengdu, such as the Galaxy Science Fiction Alliance, which was established last year, as well as Time Phantom, Eight Light Branch, Saifan Science Fiction Space, Chengdu Science Fiction Cultural and Creative Center, etc., as well as the science fiction nebula with increasing influence. Awards, etc., which gathered and discovered a large number of science fiction talents, becoming an indispensable force to promote the development of science fiction. In addition, Chengdu relies on Sichuan Media Institute to establish a film and television silicon valley. Sichuan Media Institute has 24,000 students. A large number of people specialize in cultural and creative, animation, games and film and television, which are related to science fiction. Since last year, the Sichuan Province Popular Science Writers Association has implemented the "Sichuan Science Popularization Science Fiction Youth Star Thousand Talents Training Program", which plans to select and train 1,000 young science popularization science fiction enthusiasts in 5 years, and has successfully selected and cultivated 300. Chengdu has a talent base for science fiction.

Third, Chengdu is an international conference and exhibition capital. There are two large exhibition halls in the Western International Expo City and Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center. There are thousands of various exhibitions held in Chengdu every year. In addition, Chengdu's reception conditions, number of hotels, and conference services are all excellent, which can meet large-scale events such as the World Science Fiction Conference. □ Our reporter Tang Zhaoyi

(Reporter Tang Zhaoyi)

Proposal reading

Improve the sci-fi cultural industry chain and create a dazzling "science fiction capital"

Proposal Name: "Proposal on the Development of Science Fiction Industry in Chengdu"

Proposal unit: Provincial CPPCC Cultural History and Learning Committee

Reason for the proposal-

At present, China's science fiction cause is ushered in a rapid development opportunity, the market potential is huge, and consumer demand has surged. Despite the rapid growth, compared with the United States, Japan and other countries, there are still large gaps, mainly in terms of insufficient originality, scarce blockbusters, incomplete industrial chain structure, uneven development, and scarce professional talents.

Sichuan is the height of China's science fiction career. Chengdu, known as the "China Science Fiction Capital", has a strong sci-fi cultural atmosphere and has unparalleled industrial development advantages in other cities: the country's largest circulation and the only domestic science fiction magazine —— "Sci-Fi World" has been deeply cultivated in Chengdu for more than 40 years; it has successfully held international science fiction conferences three times in 1991, 1997, and 2007; a number of new science-fiction cultural industries such as Baguangfen Culture have begun to take shape ... Chengdu has the conditions to meet the huge domestic market demand, integrate the province's resources, introduce commercial capital, and develop a local science fiction industry model, forming science fiction books (magazines), science fiction movies, science fiction games, science fiction animation, science fiction theme parks and related industries. Develop a business model with sustainable profitability in the complete industrial chain.

Proposal recommendations-

The first is to bid for the World Science Fiction Conference to promote the development of Chengdu's science fiction industry. The second is to build Jianyang science fiction film and television town and form a science fiction cultural tourism base. The third is to build a science fiction animation and science fiction game creation base. The fourth is to formulate relevant policies to encourage and support the development of science fiction industries.

Proposal response-

Chengdu Municipal People's Government's response to the proposal:

I. Application of the World Science Fiction Conference to Promote the Development of Chengdu Science Fiction Industry

At present, the city is jointly with the Provincial Science and Technology Association to actively bid for the 81st World Science Fiction Conference. At the same time, the Municipal Science and Technology Association takes the lead and actively applies for licensing to relevant state departments. Proactively docking with the Provincial Science and Technology Association, continue to support the well-run "Sci-Fi World" magazine, further enhance its influence, and always maintain the leading position of national science-fiction journals. Science fiction literature creation will be included in the city's literary and fine art creation content in 2019, and excellent science fiction literature works will be supported and rewarded.

2. The handling of suggestions on building a science fiction film and television town and forming a science fiction cultural tourism base

The Chengdu Science, Technology, Film, Television and Creative Industry Function Zone is located in Tuanjie Street, Badu District, and is one of the 66 industrial function zones in our city in 2019. At present, progress has been made in the construction of this functional area. First, it has signed project investment agreements with 54 companies including Phoenix New United Education Technology Co., Ltd., and the agreement funds reached 28.8 billion yuan. Second, the successful signing of the centralized signing of film and television cultural and creative projects and the launching ceremony of the film and television Silicon Valley studio community construction attracted 18 companies including the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to sign a contract, and the agreement fund reached 2.8 billion yuan. The third is to incubate 34 outstanding entrepreneurial teams such as "special effects brother" to complete business registration and assist 20 film and television cultural and creative enterprises such as "Sichuan Yingye" to land in functional areas. Fourth, the functional zone takes creative ecological agriculture as the extension and forms a "modern agricultural innovation industry cluster" around the core project area, attracting social capital of about 14.5 billion yuan, and projects such as "Chunhua Jintian" have been successively implemented.

After the core area is completely completed, this functional area can accommodate more than 300 film and television creative production teams, effectively attracting domestic and foreign first-line science fiction film and television projects to create, shoot, and post-produce in the functional area, providing them with strong support and strong protection.

3. Handling of proposals for building science fiction animation and science fiction game creation bases

In 2019, our city listed science fiction creation and film and television drama production projects as one of the key projects supported by the municipal cultural industry special funds. It supported functional zone companies that had technologically advanced conditions in the segmented industry links and gradually introduced science fiction creation and science fiction The film and television filming production has become a unique advantage of the functional area and a golden signboard. Plan to build the urban film and television industry development fund and animation and game industry development fund, promote government guidance, and attract social capital to participate. Promote the integration and development of the film and television technology and animation and game industry, strengthen the technology innovation of the film and television industry, and take the lead in cutting-edge technologies such as big data and 5G technology. Actively cultivate film and television technology companies such as conceptual design and animation original paintings, and promote ultra-high-definition, high frame rate, and satellite transmission Application of high-tech equipment.

Fourth, the formulation of relevant policies to encourage support for the development of science fiction industry recommendations

In order to promote the development of the film and television industry in our city, "Several Opinions on Promoting the Prosperity and Development of the Film and Television Industry in Chengdu" were drafted, including strengthening fiscal and taxation support, supporting the introduction and cultivation of talents, and supporting the construction and operation of the park. At present, opinions and suggestions from relevant departments and experts and scholars are being sought.

(Reporting by reporter Zhang Shiruo)

The pictures are taken by reporter Zhang Shiruo and Dong Yan except the signature

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