2019 NLD Rule of Law Forum Held in Panzhihua

Strengthening the protection of the rule of law to promote technological innovation

【2019-11-22】 【四川政协报】 [Http://hnlsyfood.com] [2019-11-22] [Sichuan CPPCC News]

On November 20, the 2019 NLD Rule of Law Forum, co-sponsored by the NLD Central Legal System Committee, the NLD Central Science and Technology Committee, and the NLD Sichuan Provincial Committee, was held in Panzhihua City. The theme of the forum is "Securing the Rule of Law in Scientific and Technological Innovation". Zhang Daohong, deputy secretary-general of the CPPCC National Committee and vice chairman of the NLD Central Committee, attended the forum and delivered a speech. Zhang Shuyuan, a member of the party group and vice president of the Supreme People's Court, made a keynote speech. Zhao Zhenmill, chairman of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the China Democratic League, chaired the opening ceremony of the forum.

Zhang Daohong pointed out that science and technology are the foundation of national prosperity, and innovation is the soul of national progress. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee clearly stated that it is necessary to improve the scientific and technological innovation system and make a decision to “improve the party committee leadership, government responsibility, democratic consultation, social coordination, public participation, legal protection, and technology-supported social governance system”. Facing more intense international competition in the field of science and technology and focusing on the goal of building a strong country in science and technology, the NLD must continue to give play to the advantages of a pool of talents and intensive intelligence, further promote comprehensive and deepening reforms, and play the role of the rule of law in institutional protection of scientific and technological innovation. Promote the development of scientific and technological innovation management in a scientific, standardized, and institutionalized direction, and play a greater role in comprehensively advancing the great journey of governing the country according to law.

Tian Xiangli pointed out that the governance of Shu Xingchuan focuses on practicing the rule of law. Sichuan Province has thoroughly studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s new concept of administering the country according to law, new ideas and strategies, fully implementing the basic strategy of administering the country according to law, profoundly grasping the guarantee of administering the country by law in the new era, adhering to the rule of law throughout the entire process of reform, development, and stability, as a matter of overall concern. Strategic tasks and systems engineering. The establishment and development of the NLD Rule of Law Forum fully reflects the care and love of the NLD Central Committee for the reform and development of Sichuan. It has brought new resources, new advantages and new forces to the construction of the rule of law in Sichuan, and also provided us with a very rare learning exchange. opportunity. We will fully study and transform the results of the forum, and fully apply it to the specific practice of building the rule of law in Sichuan, so as to build a new level of governance for Shu Xingchuan.

More than 200 experts and scholars from across the country conducted in-depth discussions on the theme of the forum from different fields and different perspectives.

(Qiu Lan reporter Zhang Cong)

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