Announcement of Inquiry of Sichuan Provincial Political Consultative Conference Government Affairs Cloud Information System and Website Security Protection Service Project

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The CPPCC Sichuan Provincial Committee General Office will determine the service provider of the Sichuan Provincial CPPCC Government Affairs Cloud Information System and website security protection service project by referring to the inquiry method.

I. Project Content

In order to ensure the business security of the Sichuan Provincial Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) political affairs cloud information system and website (Sichuan CPPCC information system, Sichuan CPPCC website), to reach the third level of network security level protection standards, it is planned to purchase security protection services to implement government affairs cloud information systems and websites through cloud technology. Protection and monitoring, the completion of the construction of the information system and the security protection content required for the three-level protection of the website, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system.

Supplier Qualification Requirements

According to Article 22 of the "People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law" and the needs of this procurement service project, suppliers participating in government procurement activities should have the following conditions:

(1) Having the ability to independently assume civil liability;

(2) Having a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system;

(3) having the equipment and professional technical capabilities necessary to perform the contract;

(4) Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law;

(5) Within three years before participating in government procurement activities, there are no major illegal records in business activities;

(6) other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations;

(7) Obtained the inquiry documents from the General Office of the CPPCC of Sichuan Province and registered them for the record.

Obtaining inquiry documents

The inquiry documents will be registered and collected at the office of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (Room 304, No. 1, Jinli East Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu) from July 16th to 19th, 2019. Eligibility is not transferable. To receive the inquiry document, you must bring:

(1) Power of attorney of legal representative and identity card of authorized person (original and photocopy); if the legal representative participates directly, only the original and photocopy of identity card are required;

(2) A copy of the business license of the enterprise.

4. Submission of Inquiry Response Documents

For details of the place and deadline for submission of the inquiry response document, please refer to the inquiry document. Late delivery or failure to reach the designated place will not be accepted.

V. Contact Information

Address: No. 1, Jinli East Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu

Contact: Teacher Li

Phone: 028-86167075

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