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你在远方的时候,有一颗心已经相牵。你在风雨之中,有一把已经撑开的小伞 ……”在 12月5日 国际志愿者日到来之际,歌曲《志愿者之歌》 及MV于中华志愿者协会在北京举办的 “庆祝'12.5'国际志愿者日——中华志愿者协会2020年志愿服务公益项目推介会” 发布。 "When you were far away, a heart had been drawn. You are in the wind and rain, and you have an open umbrella ..." On the occasion of the International Volunteer Day on December 5 , the song "Volunteer Song " And the MV were released at the " Volunteer '12 .5 'International Volunteer Day-China Volunteer Association Volunteer Public Service Project Promotion Conference 2020 " organized by the Chinese Volunteers Association in Beijing .

The tunes of the song are bright and beautiful, the melody is full of inspiration, and the beauty of the power of unity and fortune is expressed in a chorus. 歌曲由 村夫作词,孙洪斌作曲,向琛子 编配 ,何源、陈雨秋、熊峰、王饼等 人演唱。 The song was composed by the village husband, composed by Sun Hongbin, arranged by Chen Zi , and sung by He Yuan, Chen Yuqiu, Xiong Feng, and Wang Bi . 弘扬“ 奉献、友爱、互助、进步 的志愿精神 ,展示志愿者大爱无疆、无私奉献的精神风貌 The aim is to promote the volunteer spirit of " dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress " , and to show the spirit of volunteer love and boundless selfless dedication .

我们是心灵的守护者,神圣的使命永扛在肩。我们是爱的代言人,我们的名字叫奉献、奉献 ……”歌词入情至理,刻画了 志愿者 的真诚博爱 展现了广大志愿者在重大活动、抢险救援、扶贫济困、敬老护幼等各个领域 开展各种志愿服务活动 、奉献爱心的动人场景,抒发了广大志愿者的炽热情怀 " We are the guardians of the soul, and the sacred mission is always on our shoulders. We are the spokespersons of love. Our name is dedication, dedication ..." The lyrics are justified, depicting the sincere fraternity of the volunteers , showing the majority of volunteer The volunteers carried out various volunteer service activities and devotion in loving scenes in various fields such as major activities, emergency rescue, poverty alleviation, and care for the elderly , and expressed the enthusiasm of the majority of volunteers .

截至2019年11月底, 全国志愿服务组织总数达67. 88 万个,志愿项目总数3 14.72 万个, 全国志愿服务信息系统汇集的实名志愿者已达1.37亿人, 广大志愿者为社会创造了巨大的社会价值。 According to statistics , as of the end of November 2019, the total number of voluntary service organizations nationwide reached 678,800 , and the total number of voluntary projects was 314,700. The number of real-name volunteers gathered by the national volunteer service information system has reached 137 million. Created great social value.

(Li Ou Wang Wenchen)

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