The story behind the key proposals (5)

Transportation advances to help poverty alleviation in ethnic areas

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Transportation advances to help targeted poverty alleviation in ethnic areas

Proposal Name: "Fully Utilize the Function of" Advance Officer "of Transportation to Help" Three States "Precisely Poverty Alleviation"

Proposing unit: To the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee

Organizer: Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation

In September this year , the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation (hereinafter referred to as the “Transportation Department”) released a good news: a total investment of 180.8 billion yuan, involving 29 major transportation projects in five major economic zones and four major urban agglomerations. The 29 projects include 8 highway projects, 21 national and provincial trunk road projects such as the Kangding transit section of the G318 line and the Jiachuan to Donghe section of the Wangcang county line of the G542 line. Wang Yang, director of the Ministry of Transport, said, "Of the 21 ordinary national and provincial highway projects started this time, 17 are poverty alleviation highways and tourist highway projects in the 'Three States'. important meaning."

Constrained by various factors such as nature, economy, culture, population, etc., the shortcomings of transportation infrastructure in Aba, Ganzi, and Liangshan Prefecture are still obvious, and the imbalance and inadequate development of transportation regions is still prominent, which seriously restricts local economic development. . At the Second Session of the Twelfth Session of the Provincial Committee of the CPPCC held in January this year , the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee of the Gongmintang was submitted to submit a collective proposal to "give full play to the function of the" advanced officer "of transportation to help the" three states "accurately alleviate poverty. Leading the tackling of poverty alleviation put forward "tailor-made" suggestions.


Help improve the transportation environment of the "three states"

"Transportation is a basic and leading condition for poverty alleviation and economic and social development. At present, poverty alleviation has entered a crucial stage of decisive battle. It is a milestone and a major historical event for the" three states "region to achieve a comprehensive well-off society. "Zhang Jiawei, Director of the Research Office of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Gong Dang Party, said that accelerating transportation construction is a" first move "to achieve targeted poverty alleviation and targeted poverty alleviation, and is an important measure to break the bottleneck of economic and social development in the" three states. "I hope this proposal will help" The traffic environment in the “Three States” region has been improved.

"From previous investigations, the complex geological environment, weak economic foundation, sparse population distribution in some regions, and low level of modernization in the 'Three States' region have caused huge challenges in poverty alleviation in transportation." To the party members of the public party, Southwest Communications Wang Haoyu, a lecturer at the School of Public Administration and Politics and Law of the University, analyzed that the road construction projects in the "three states" region are arduous and the cost is far higher than the provincial average. At the same time, road diseases are frequent and relatively serious, and maintenance tasks are difficult and difficult. In addition, the local market has low vitality and roads. Long-term lack of construction funds.

In response to these issues, the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee of the Gongfang Party held a number of forums when writing the proposal, inviting CPPCC members and experts and scholars to make suggestions. "Priority should be given to securing funds for transportation and increasing financial support to break the bottleneck of transportation development as soon as possible." "The road construction plan must take into account local characteristic industries, use roads to drive regional advantageous resources, and promote the development of local characteristic industries." "Three States 'The area has a beautiful environment and unique scenery, and can carry out greening along roads and railways, and beautification of villages and towns along the way, and create tourist routes. "' Reasonably plan the transportation network and combine with ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation work to optimize the allocation of transportation resources' ..." Relevant personnel of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee carefully combed and targeted the "golden ideas", and after several revisions, the proposal was finally formed.

The proposal proposes the details from five aspects, namely, seeking national project support, in-depth implementation of "transportation + characteristic industries" to advance poverty alleviation, support the effective development of tourism resources, rationally plan the construction of transportation networks, and strengthen "assistance" and "assistance" with the aid of poverty alleviation through transportation. specific suggestion.


Proposal unit says "very satisfied"

"After the proposal was handed over by the Department of Transportation, our department promptly arranged a special person to comprehensively review the relevant policies and transportation developments in support of the" three states "region in recent years by the state and the province, and carefully studied the proposals made by the proposal. Ning Jian, deputy director of the Ministry of Transport, said that in order to further understand the idea of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee of Zhi Gong Dang to deal with the proposal, on April 19, the Ministry of Transport held a discussion with the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee of Zhi Gong Dang. Communicate the status of regional traffic development. At the same time, in order to actively implement the proposals, the Department of Transportation has repeatedly penetrated into the “three states” poverty frontline, in-depth understanding of the construction of transportation projects, and laid a solid foundation for the proposal.

The proposal was led and supervised by Li Changping, the vice chairman of the CPPCC, and the supervisory unit is the Provincial CPPCC Ethnic and Religious Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Provincial CPPCC Minzu Committee"). During the processing of the proposal, the Department of Transportation, the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference of the CPPCC maintained close communication and contact, and provided timely feedback on the progress and status of the proposal. Yao Bin, director of the Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, said: "After receiving the notice, Vice Chairman Li Changping led his team to conduct research in the 'Three States' area on many occasions to understand the situation of the transportation infrastructure construction on the spot. Proposal processing and discussions. "

On September 11, the Provincial Political Consultative Conference held a symposium on key proposal handling consultations to conduct consultation and supervision on the proposal. At the meeting, the Department of Transportation informed the participants of the good news: The Ministry of Transport gave special support to our province. On the basis of the existing "13th Five-Year Plan", the Liangshan Prefecture Expressway and "Tourist Road" were added. A number of projects such as “Zhongyuan Road” and “Industrial Road” can further obtain 5.99 billion yuan in central funding. In the adjustment of the provincial highway network plan, 15 routes including Jiuzhaigou— Diebu – Zoige have been newly planned in the “Three States” area. Increase the planned mileage by 2200 kilometers, accounting for 55% of the total new scale; formulate and implement the "Special Action Plan for Integrated Development of" Transportation and Tourism "in Sichuan Province (2017-2020)", and accelerate the construction of a "fast-forward roaming" tourism transportation network; The Provincial Government issued the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Connected Roads in Villages and Village Roads in Villages to guide local governments to increase financial investment at the same level and improve the conditions for ex-situ poverty alleviation and resettlement settlements. Planning Guide "will optimize the road network layout in time and expand the coverage depth and breadth ...

Hearing the good news full of dry goods, Zhang Jiawei said happily: "These results are the best feedback on the proposal. We are very satisfied. We believe that the" Three States "region will be able to complete the key tasks of poverty alleviation on time."

记者 张诗若 ( Reporter Zhang Shiruo )

清单 Provincial CPPCC 2019 key proposal handling list

Unit (seal): Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation


Zhigong Party Sichuan Provincial Committee

Proposal number


Proposal Title

Give full play to the function of "advanced officer" of transportation to help the "three states" precision poverty alleviation

Proposal handling

Negotiation method

Visits () times

Symposium (2)

Investigations () times

Telephone exchange (2) times

Network communication () times


Common knowledge

On April 19, the General Office of the Provincial Committee of the CPPCC held a key proposal supervision and coordination meeting. Our department reported on the relevant situation and exchanged information with the participants of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee on the response to the proposal. On September 11, Vice Chairman Li Changping hosted the No. 47 Key Proposal Consultation Symposium. Our Office made a special report on the handling of the proposal. The handling of the proposal was highly appreciated by Vice Chairman Li Changping and the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee. Approved.





Or adopt


1. Vigorously strive for national project support and continue to increase funding for transportation construction;

2. In-depth implementation of "transportation + characteristic industries" to advance poverty alleviation;

3. Develop green transportation and support the effective development of tourism resources;

4. Reasonably plan the construction of the transportation network, and further promote the relocation of poverty alleviation in situ;

5. Relying on poverty alleviation through transportation to strengthen "helping the wisdom" and "helping the will", and playing a good "first move" to overcome poverty.

Implement measures

1. Our department attaches great importance to the reporting and connection with relevant national ministries and commissions, and strives to maximize the support of the central government in providing funds and projects to the three states, while increasing the support of provincial finances.

2. Our department actively supports the integrated development of "transportation + characteristic industries" and "transportation + tourism" in the three-state region, and fully promotes the construction of tourist roads, resource roads, industrial roads, and "transportation + tourism" integrated development demonstration pilot projects.

3. Our department urged and guided the state and county governments in the three states to optimize the direction of rural roads such as Tongcun Hardening Road, Tourist Road, Resource Road, and Industrial Road in accordance with local conditions.

4. Our department attaches great importance to stimulating the endogenous driving force for poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation in the three regions, and insists on combining poverty alleviation with wisdom and aspirations, and continuously enhances the self-development of the three regions by strengthening talent exchanges, professional training, and technical assistance ability.

Get results

1. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a total of 80.5 billion yuan in central subsidies for transportation construction in the three states has been sought, with an average annual rate of 11.5 billion yuan. Nine highway projects and 40 ordinary national and provincial highway projects have been included in relevant national plans. Provincial finance has invested a total of 25.9 billion yuan in traffic construction in the three states, with an average of 3.7 billion yuan per year.

2. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, a total of 1,752 kilometers of tourist roads, resource roads and industrial roads were planned and constructed in the three states, and the accumulated tax funds for car purchases in place were 2.81 billion yuan. Demonstration pilot projects such as the G318 line from Kangding to Yajiang, Jiuhuang Airport to Hongyuan Airport, new model projects for post-disaster recovery and reconstruction of Chuanjiu Road, and the Dujiangyan to Siguniangshan Mountain Rail Transit project are accelerating.

3. Promote the Provincial Government to print and issue the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Connected Roads in the Villages and the Roads within the Villages, and prepare the Guidelines for the Planning of Rural Highways in Sichuan Province.

4. The Department has sent 91 cadres to help counties in poverty-stricken counties, making outstanding contributions to poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken areas; actively carrying out training courses for “education and on-site visits” to improve the ability of poverty-relief cadres to serve the grassroots and to implement poverty alleviation tasks; Guided the introduction of large state-owned professional institutions in poverty-stricken areas, and promoted the construction of major projects using the agent construction system. The Tsing Shu Company has accumulated 33 agent projects of 3115 kilometers in total, with a total investment of more than 46 billion yuan.

Plan to resolve or adopt


Work plan

The first is to further enhance the support role of external passages, accelerate the construction of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, the Qingchuan-Ganchuan-Yunnan Expressway, promote the extension of the highway to the hinterland of the Three-State Region, promote the regional coordinated development of the Three-State Region and the Chengdu Plain, and build and strengthen ethnic exchanges A major channel for national unity and progress.

The second is to further improve the interconnectivity of internal trunk lines. Accelerate the upgrade of the trunk roads of ordinary countries and provinces, further smooth the export of county areas, further eliminate bottleneck restrictions, further increase the coverage of high-grade highways in important scenic spots, and effectively support regional county economic development and social stability.

The third is to further improve the breadth of rural roads. We will make every effort to tackle the top priority of “relieving poverty in transportation” and ensure that by the end of 2020, we will achieve the “two 100%” goals for all townships and villages with qualified conditions. Accelerate the construction of resource roads, tourism roads and industrial roads, continuously improve the ability of transportation to guide the development of regional characteristic industries, and strengthen the endogenous development capabilities of deeply impoverished areas.

Unresolved or unaccepted


the reason

Give full play to the function of "advanced officer" of transportation

Helping the "Three States" to Target Poverty Alleviation

Zhigong Party Sichuan Provincial Committee

“要通过创新体制、完善政策,进一步把农村公路建好、管好、护好、运营好,逐步消除制约农村发展的交通瓶颈,为广大农民致富奔小康提供更好的保障”。 General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "Through the innovation of the system and the improvement of policies, rural roads must be further built, managed, protected, and operated to gradually eliminate the traffic bottlenecks that restrict rural development, and provide better protection for farmers to become rich and well-off. ". Constrained by a variety of objective factors such as nature, economy, culture, and population, the shortcomings of the transportation infrastructure in the "three states" of our province are still obvious. The imbalance and inadequate development of the transportation area is still prominent and seriously restricts the local economic development, Industrial upgrading and improvement of living standards of farmers and herdsmen. The main manifestations are: First, "the geography and geological environment are complex, the natural conditions are bad, and landslides, mudslides, earthquakes and other geological disasters occur from time to time, resulting in difficult construction of transportation infrastructure, heavy maintenance tasks, and huge capital investment requirements; Weak foundation, irrational industrial structure, low market development, poor financing ability, socio-economic development shows marginal spatial characteristics, more historical debts, and major challenges in poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation through transportation. Third, for a long time, the development concept and objective Due to the limitation of the social environment, the characteristic tourism resources and natural and cultural resources have not been developed in a reasonable and orderly manner, which has caused environmental pollution to a certain extent. At present, it is necessary to take into account both transportation construction and environmental protection, and increase the implementation of transportation poverty alleviation. Difficulties; Fourth, the sparse population distribution in some regions, relatively closed living environments, insufficient self-development endogenous power, and the inefficient effects of transportation economic agglomeration, restricting the transportation infrastructure network coverage and the provision of transportation services; fifth, due to the special history, The influence of humanities such as culture and religion Modern accompanied by low population level is not high quality, conservative ideology, hinder the rapid economic development and urbanization of traffic to a certain extent.

To this end, it is recommended that:

大力争取国家项目支持,继续加大交通建设的资金投入。 1. Vigorously strive for national project support and continue to increase investment in transportation construction. The "three states" area has high sea waves, complicated terrain, and poor geological conditions. The road construction project is arduous, and the cost is higher than the provincial average. At the same time, road diseases in poor areas are frequent and relatively serious, road maintenance tasks are heavy and difficult, coupled with low local market vitality, poor financing capacity, and long-term scarcity of road maintenance funds. In the future, as the total amount of various types of transportation infrastructure increases year by year, road network reconstruction and highway and railway maintenance needs continue to increase, and the contradiction of insufficient funds will become increasingly prominent. Investment in transportation infrastructure has the characteristics of leading, long-term and basic. At present, the transportation construction in the "three states" region is still in the "transfusion" stage. Priority is given to securing funds for poverty alleviation by transportation. Continue to increase investment in transportation construction in poor areas by the funds in the central budget. Necessary conditions for the fundamental role of poverty alleviation.

2. In-depth implementation of "transportation + characteristic industries" to advance poverty alleviation. Proceeding from driving the advantageous resources in poor areas, we will promote the construction of a "rich road with characteristics" and transform all kinds of natural, ecological, cultural and other advantageous resources into industrial and economic advantages. Vigorously develop modern and highly efficient agriculture with mountain characteristics, promote the growth of characteristic industries such as fruits and vegetables, traditional Chinese medicine, and ecological animal husbandry, and promote the landing, development, and expansion of industries such as meat processing and the hydropower industry. Focusing on the construction of "resource roads" and "industrial roads", we will foster the development of the commerce and logistics industry, and promote the upgrading and growth of the tertiary industry. Guided by strengthening the endogenous driving force for development in impoverished areas, improve the road network skeleton in impoverished areas, unblock the "capillaries", improve road accessibility, integrate logistics, industry, supply and marketing, e-commerce and other resources, deepen the role of industry, and make better use of transportation The fundamental supporting role of transportation in poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation promotes the qualitative leap of industrialization in poor areas.

3. Develop green transportation and support the effective development of tourism resources. Tourism is the link that aids poverty alleviation and promotes the economic development of the "three states." The natural and human environment are two magic weapons for the development of tourism in Sichuan. The development of transportation must also consider protecting the ecological environment and national traditional culture of the "three states." Actively develop green transportation, pursue green mountains, green mountains and sustainable development as the goal, and realize diversified transportation development. Efforts should be made to improve transportation conditions in scenic spots and scenic spots in poverty-stricken areas and ethnic minority villages, and carry out greening along roads and railways and beautification of villages and towns along the way. Realize the harmonious unification of transportation and economic development, natural and humanities, build a high-quality tourism route, form a tourism brand effect, and bring poverty-stricken areas into a well-off society.

4. Reasonably plan the construction of the transportation network and further promote the poverty alleviation and relocation work. The population in need of poverty alleviation in our province accounts for one-ninth of the total population in the country, and the proportion in the "three states" is higher. The transportation network planning should be based on the overall situation. In the construction of transportation infrastructure related to poverty alleviation work, the requirements of "should be detailed in the near future, be prepared in the mid-term, and envisaged in the long-term" must be fully considered, including human, material, and financial resources. Possibility of building conditions, optimizing the allocation of transportation resources. While constructing a balanced development transportation system, we must also pay attention to the effects of economies of scale and scope of transportation, and provide reasonable transportation conditions for the implementation of the principle of "should be scattered, scattered, and gathered together" for ex-situ relocation. .

5. Relying on poverty alleviation through transportation to strengthen "helping the wisdom" and "helping the will", and playing a good "first move" to overcome poverty. We will strengthen the assistance of transportation technical talents in poor areas through the selection of key business stations, and formulate a special action plan for the training of transportation management personnel to fully realize the overall goal of "building, managing, protecting, and operating" rural roads. Adhere to the idea of "strong service and promote development", strengthen the self-development capabilities of poor areas through transportation infrastructure construction, guide the poor to change their production and lifestyle, expand the channels for the poor to become rich, and change the backwardness of poor areas. Multi-sectors actively cooperate to help the poor “go global” through the established roads, so that the poor can take the initiative to learn advanced deeds and typical cases of poverty alleviation, and constantly raise awareness, update concepts, stand on their own, and arouse the poor ’s self-poverty Determined to speed up the steps of getting rid of poverty and getting rich for the poor to promote social civilization in poor areas.

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