Yang Xiao, former first secretary of Chaoyang Village, Yongsheng Town, Jiangyou City

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"The villagers' expectations are the direction of my efforts"
——Remember Yang Xiao, former first secretary of Chaoyang Village, Yongsheng Town, Jiangyou City

6日一大早,江油市政协办公室教科卫体股股长、江油市永胜镇朝阳村原第一书记杨萧急急忙忙赶到该村村委会办公室,来不及喝口水,便请来村党支部书记全洪刚和村委会主任钟英强,进行座谈交流。 Early in the morning on August 6 , Yang Xiao, Chief of the Education, Science, Health, and Sports Section of the Jiangyou Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference Office, and the former First Secretary of Chaoyang Village, Yongsheng Town, Jiangyou City hurried to the village committee office. Quan Honggang, the secretary of the party branch of the village, and Zhong Yingqiang, the director of the village committee, had a discussion and exchange. 日接受了“两不愁三保障”专项督导,杨萧连夜梳理了几个细节问题,要赶在午饭前将整改意见交镇上分析研判。 It turned out that Chaoyang Village accepted the special supervision of "two cares and three guarantees" on the 5th . Yang Xiao combed several details overnight, and submitted the rectification opinions to the town for analysis and judgment before lunch. Two months ago, Yang Xiao had transferred his work to the newly appointed first secretary, but still worried about Chaoyang Village.

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519日,杨萧被选派到朝阳村任第一书记。 On May 19 , 2017 , Yang Xiao was selected to be the first secretary of Chaoyang Village. Recalling his work experience in the village, Yang Xiao said, "When I didn't come, I thought very simple. After I came, I felt that there was no easy thing about Murakami!" Later, Yang Xiao introduced to the reporter when he assisted in the village Difficulties encountered and subsequent solutions.

It is not easy to win trust and be willing to work hard to be a "yu gong"

When Yang Xiaogang started to work in the village, village cadres and villagers murmured in their hearts: Can this city cadre with thick eyebrows and small eyes be able to endure hardships and do poverty alleviation work well?

个村民小组, 5311692人,其中建档立卡贫困户34112人。 There are 6 villager groups in Chaoyang Village, Yongsheng Town, with 531 households and 1692 people, of which 112 households in 34 poor households set up a file. These poor households are “flower-arranging” distributed among various villager groups. How to quickly get closer to them is a problem that Yang Xiao must first solve.

7月,杨萧开始走村入户工作。 In July 2017, Yang Xiao started working in the village. 岁贫困户杨天羡的家中,只见房屋墙体倾斜、屋顶处处是洞。 Coinciding with the continuous high temperature, Yang Xiao and Quan Honggang came to the home of the 75 -year-old impoverished family Yang Tianxian under the scorching sun, only to see that the walls of the house were inclined and the roof was full of holes. Yang Xiao hurriedly persuaded him to renovate the house, but Yang Tianxian's attitude was a bit scratchy. "He didn't want to tell me more, and he didn't want to demolish it. She was very angry when I said that it was demolished and rebuilt." This is not an example. During the household visit, Yang Xiao found that more than half of the villagers were indifferent to him, and Quan Honggang awakened him with a single sentence: "To make the villagers trust you, you must treat the villagers as family members. "

In the following month, Yang Xiao set aside at least half a day of daily visits to pull homes and "climb relatives" with the poor. In daily chats, learn more about the production and life, housing, and roads of each household, and establish a list of issues.

One day, when Yang Xiao came to visit Yang Tianxian's house again, he suddenly became pale and short of breath. "I saw his face pale, and quickly advised him to go back to rest, but Secretary Yang refused to say that today's work has not been completed." Recalling the situation at the time, Quan Honggang still praises Yang Xiao's professionalism to this day. On that day, Yang Tianxian finally agreed to rebuild the house.

8月,杨天羡住进了新房子,告别了“小雨小漏、大雨大漏”的苦日子。 In August 2017, Yang Tianxian lived in a new house, saying goodbye to the hard days of "small rain and small leaks, heavy rain and large leaks." Looking at the spacious courtyard and sturdy walls, she said to her son: "Should agree earlier, this new house will live in Pakse."

"The villagers learned that Yang Tianxian moved into the new house and privately told me that Secretary Yang is a good and upright comrade, and they will definitely lead them to live a good life." After Quan Honggang informed Yang Xiao about this, Yang Xiaoxin was comforted. Said: "There is a saying that the human heart is flesh. I believe that as long as they are willing to work hard, the villagers will remember it."

Where can road construction funds come from?

"I ca n’t do anything. I live on three cents of this acre. I earn thousands of dollars a year. Where does the money come from to build the road?" Every time I visit the poor household Zou Tianfu, he has to talk to Yang Xiao about his own. Road construction dream. This is also a big problem that plagues Yang Xiao: "Some poor households often report to me that they want to carry out house reconstruction, reconstruction, road construction, etc. However, since Chaoyang Village is a non-poor village, there is no special poverty alleviation fund, and the source of project funds becomes The biggest problem. "

After understanding the needs of the poor households, Yang Xiao reported the situation to the leaders of the Jiangyou CPPCC. Li Ping, chairman of the CPPCC, said: "There is no special fund for poverty alleviation, but our members are all enthusiastic people!" Under the coordination, all members and cadres of the CPPCC actively participated in donating funds and materials.

The funds donated by members were not enough. Yang Xiao applied to the city and town related departments for funds for "three constructions and five reforms". After months of running and coordinating, he finally got enough money to build roads, harden courtyard dams and repair houses.10月,施工队进驻朝阳村,仅一个月时间就将34户贫困户的入户路、院坝硬化完成,修缮住房590平方米,基础设施得到提档升级,极大加快了该村贫困户的脱贫奔康步伐。 In October 2017, the construction team entered the Chaoyang Village. In just one month, 34 poor households' homes and courtyards were hardened, and 590 square meters of housing were repaired. The infrastructure was upgraded and upgraded, which greatly accelerated the village. The pace of poverty alleviation for poor households.

"Thank you for the leadership of the CPPCC and Secretary Yang. I finally realized my dream, and my family will never be a sunny day and a rainy day!" After repairing the road, Zou Tianfu held Yang Xiao's hand and thanked him again and again.

The causes of poverty are different

"In order to help me see the doctor, my savings have already been used up. I can't work on the ground again, and I also asked Secretary Yang to help me and get disability subsidies." The whole family, a poor family member, was disabled for life by accident, but at the time Being only rated as a third-level disability, they cannot enjoy state subsidies, which adds to the already poor families.

户贫困户因病致贫占比较大,家家户户的需求也不一样,要解决好每家每户的困难可不容易。”杨萧意识到,要想解决所有贫困户的困难,需要收集更多的信息,才能“一户一策”精准帮扶。 "The 34 poor households in Chaoyang Village account for a large proportion of poverty due to illness, and the needs of each household are different. It is not easy to solve the difficulties of each household." Yang Xiao realized that to solve the difficulties of all poor households, he needed Only by collecting more information can we provide accurate assistance for “one household, one policy”. To this end, he innovatively explored the "One Two Three Four" assistance work method, that is, focusing on the "one super, six, and one" poverty alleviation goal, approving two basic forms of the poor households 'information account books and poor households' disposable income lists. Three educations, including publicizing the country ’s poverty alleviation policy, knowing the party ’s gratitude, party ethics, and the creation and promotion of the civilized “Four Good Village” People and party members correspond to four types of assistance information, such as contacting poor households. In addition, we collected detailed information on the "five photos" of the housing situation, house, living room, kitchen, and bathroom of each poor household to find out the actual difficulties and specific needs.

"Chaoyang Village is assisted by the CPPCC organs. By adopting the" One Two Three Four "assistance work method, the cadres and staff of the organs and the first secretary of the village went together to form a rope with the village cadres. "One measure" precision assistance measures have effectively improved the quality and effectiveness of poverty alleviation. "Said Luo Run, secretary general of the CPPCC.

Multi-party coordination and coordination, helping the whole army to be rated as a second-level disability, and enjoying the national aid policy for the disabled disabled; using the city ’s Human Resources and Social Security Bureau ’s policy, has helped poor households Tang Wenfu and Yang Xiaoying to coordinate and implement village public welfare posts ... With the joint efforts of employees and Yang Xiao, the poor households in Chaoyang Village have found their own way out of poverty.

Where to find party members at the job

The poor household Tang Wenfu is a famous filial son in the village. 年。 In order to take care of his seriously ill mother, Tang Wenfu gave up the opportunity to go out to work and stayed at home for 5 years. 后”大学生徐庆主动站了出来:“我在村上有企业,我可以给他提供工作岗位。” How to help Tang Wenfu solve the employment problem makes Yang Xiao a little bit difficult: "Can't go too far, take care of the elderly for lunch." Seeing Yang Xiao worrying about Tang Wenfu, Xu Qing, a "post- 80s " college student who returned home to start a business, came forward actively: "I have a business in Murakami and I can offer him a job."

In order to give full play to the role of party members as pioneers, Yang Xiao developed party members from the outstanding rich leaders who returned to start their own businesses and cultivated as reserve cadres in the village. He often brought them to visit the home. Xu Qing was one of the training targets. Xu Qing told reporters: "Secretary Yang has repeatedly told us that party members will take the lead and be a caring villager and a leader in getting rich. Since I am a party member, I should do more for the village."

Under the influence of Yang Xiao, Xu Qing took the initiative to connect with the poor households in the village and transferred over ten acres of land to the poor households. At the same time, he provided employment positions so that the poor households could truly achieve a steady increase in income. 元。 Today, Tang Wenfu has been working at Xu Qing's factory for more than a year, earning 1,000 yuan per month.

"Driven by the influence of Secretary Yang, the enthusiasm of party members and cadres in the village has increased significantly. Now the village has a clean and tidy village, civilized civilization, and gratitude and gratitude, and it is showing a prosperous new atmosphere everywhere." Quan Honggang said.

年、 2018年先后获得“脱贫攻坚先进单位”“年度考核一等奖”等奖项,村党支部被评为“先进基层党组织”。 Thanks to everyone's joint efforts, Chaoyang Village won the "Advanced Unit for Poverty Alleviation" and the "First Prize of Annual Assessment" in 2017 and 2018. The village party branch was named "Advanced Primary Party Organization". 年“优秀第一书记”,并被推荐为2018年度全省优秀非贫困村第一书记表扬对象。 At the same time, Yang Xiao was also named the "Outstanding First Secretary" by Jiangyou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government in 2018 , and was recommended as the first secretary of the province's outstanding non-poverty village to be praised in 2018 .

月,杨萧圆满完成驻村任务。 In June this year, Yang Xiao successfully completed his mission in the village. On the day of leaving the village, Quan Honggang sent a text message to Yang Xiao: "Because you came to our village because of poverty alleviation work, we have the opportunity to form a deep friendship. Although the time is short, the people in the village will not forget you Thank you for your help and dedication to Chaoyang Village. "" Nothing in Murakami is easy. But the first secretary is not only a title, but also a responsibility and responsibility. The expectations of the villagers are the direction of my efforts. Yang Xiao replied.

  (Zhu Yong reporter Zhang Shiruo intern reporter Zhang Yashu)


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