Chen Cong, First Secretary of Deyang Village, Damaoping Town, Bazhou District, Bazhong City

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Let the masses live better and better with heart and feelings——Remember Chen Cong, the First Secretary of Deyang Village, Damaoping Town, Bazhou District, Bazhong City

24日,天刚蒙蒙亮,巴中市巴州区大茅坪镇得阳村村民张茂林已经把从大棚基地采摘的蔬菜装好车,准备运往城区销售,这是他被“陈书记”招引回村创业的第2个年头;得阳村曾经的贫困户、现在的产业带头人张力也起了个早,准备到村委会和“陈书记”商量如何提高养殖场的效益…… On July 24th , Tianmeng Mengliang, Zhang Maolin, a villager in Deyang Village, Damaoping Town, Bazhou District, Bazhong City, had already packed the vegetables picked from the greenhouse base and prepared to be shipped to the city for sale. This was led by "Secretary Chen" The second year of entrepreneurship in the village; the once poor households in Deyang Village and the current industry leaders also got up early and were planning to go to the village committee and "Chen Shu" to discuss how to improve the efficiency of the farm ...

Zhang Maolin and Zhang Lili's "Secretary Chen" are the cadres of the Information Center of the Pakistan-China Political Consultative Conference Office and the first secretary of Deyang Village, Damaoping Town, Bazhou District.

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Intimate people in need

块钱,你收好。家里还有多少只鸡,我回去后帮你联系下销路。” 724日,陈聪来到得阳村贫困户曹争光的新居,询问起她家养鸡及销售情况。 "This is 200 yuan for selling chickens last time. You collect them. How many chickens are there in the house, I will help you to find a way out when I go back." On July 24th , Chen Cong came to the new home of Cao Zhengguang, a poor household in Deyang Village. Asked about her chicken farming and sales. 多只,我自己赶车去卖还不晓得啥时候才能卖完呢。”曹争光感激地说。 "Thank you so much. There are more than 30 of them . I rushed to sell them myself and don't know when it will be sold out." Cao Zhengguang said gratefully.

3月,接到驻村担任第一书记的任务后,陈聪第一时间赶到得阳村开展工作,和当地村干部深入田间地头,了解该村农业基础设施建设情况;入户走访,与村干部、村民拉家常、谋发展,把群众的困难和期待一一记在心头。 In March 2017 , after receiving the task of serving as the first secretary in the village, Chen Cong rushed to Deyang Village to work at the first time, and went deep into the field with local village officials to understand the village's agricultural infrastructure construction; With the village cadres and villagers to pull home and seek development, keep the difficulties and expectations of the masses in mind.

"Thanks to the help of Secretary Chen, my son was able to successfully enter school this year." Before the school started in the first half of this year, Zhang Fuliang, a villager working in Ningbo, approached Chen Cong for help. He wanted his son to go to primary school in Ningbo, but was "stuck" because he could not handle the relevant procedures. After knowing the specific situation, Chen Cong immediately went to the District Health and Health Bureau to communicate and coordinate. He went to various places to complete the relevant procedures for Zhang Fuliang's son and sent them to Ningbo, so that the child could successfully enter school as scheduled.

Helping solve the practical difficulties of the masses is part of Chen Cong's daily work. "There is nothing trivial to the masses. Only when you care about the interests of the masses, hold them in your hands, and carry them on your shoulders, can you truly become the people's conscience." Chen Cong said.

Hard-working people who get rid of poverty and get rich

In Deyang Village, the reporter saw a variety of seasonal vegetables growing in a continuous shed. 亩土地发展大棚蔬菜,并请农技员指导种植。今年上半年光是大棚蔬菜,我就挣了3万多元。以后我还要更加努力,不再戴'穷帽子'。”曾经的贫困户、如今的致富带头人张茂林信心十足。 "Secretary Chen encouraged me to return to my hometown to start a business, help me apply for a small loan, transfer 20 acres of land to develop greenhouse vegetables, and ask agricultural technicians to guide planting. In the first half of this year, I only earned 30,000 yuan in greenhouse vegetables. Later, I have to work harder and no longer wear a 'poor hat'. "Zhang Maolin, a former poor household and now the leader in getting rich, is confident.

After thorough investigation, Chen Cong learned that the local people are full of desire to get rid of poverty and become rich, but they have been suffering from no good way. 亩庭院经济、一户掌握2-3个产业增收致富门路;围绕优质粮油、品质果蔬、特色养殖三大产业发展重点,大力发展“一村一品”特色产业,帮助村民实现长效增收。 Therefore, he and the members of the "two committees" team of the village carefully combed the existing problems, analyzed the bottlenecks restricting the economic development of Deyang Village, and came up with specific methods: due to household policies, individual design, to encourage villagers to develop small courtyards, small processing, The “four small economies” of small bird gardens and small shops ensure that each household has 1 mu of courtyard economy, and one household controls 2-3 industries to increase their income and become wealthy. Focusing on the three major industrial development priorities of high-quality grain and oil, quality fruits and vegetables, and special breeding, vigorously develop "One village, one product" characteristic industry helps villagers achieve long-term income increase.10月,招引得阳村在外成功人士回乡创办养老院,每年不仅创造5万余元的集体收益,还给本村农户提供了10多个岗位。 In October 2018 , the successful people from Deyang Village were invited to return to their hometown to set up a nursing home, which not only created a collective income of more than 50,000 yuan each year, but also provided more than 10 positions for the village's farmers.

"I will continue to take advantage of the talented and extensive contacts of the CPPCC to work together with members of the village 'two committees' team to find ways and make practical efforts to expand and strengthen the industry, so that the lives of the people are getting better and better." Chen Cong said.

Careful people in organization building

"The" Party Constitution "clearly stipulates: 'The party's grass-roots organizations are the fighting fortress of the party in the grass-roots organizations of the society, and are the basis of the party's overall work and combat effectiveness.' As the first secretary of the village, help the village 'two committees' grasp the organization Construction is a focus of my work. "Chen Cong said.

In the assistance work in the village, Chen Cong set an example and took the lead in setting an example, and promoted the building of a team that will lead the masses to prosperity. Carry out "three meetings and one lesson" steadily, and further improve the theoretical level of the members of the village "two committees" through learning, and enhance the confidence of officers in entrepreneurship. Focus on cultivating talents at the grass-roots level, visit and understand, develop grass-roots party members, absorb the village's outstanding talents into the party member team, and strengthen the grass-roots organizational strength. We will do a good job in organizing life at the grass-roots level, arranging party activities in a scientific manner, improving the evaluation methods of the organizational life system, and continuously improving the quality of organizational life.

"After Secretary Chen came, he not only explained to us the party's theoretical line, guidelines, and policies, but also combined with the actual work of the village 'two committees', organized a well-organized life meeting to find gaps and fill in shortcomings, which effectively improved the village 'two committees'. Quality of work. "Said Zhang Fusheng, secretary of the Party branch of Deyang Village.

Attentive person of civilized country style

"Pragmatic, hard-working", "Learning technology, getting rich early", "Interacting with others, and telling the truth" ... Deyang Village's new village settlements posted such village rules and regulations, and "moisturizing things silently" changed the villagers' life.

In addition to helping to formulate village regulations, Chen Cong also relied on the platform of the CPPCC to contact agricultural technicians, lawyers, doctors, etc. to come to the village to carry out agricultural skills training, legal knowledge lectures, health knowledge lectures and other activities, and make the farmers' evening school sound and colorful. Every time the villagers who came to the peasant evening school packed the classrooms. By running a peasant night school well, villagers have developed technical support for their industries, a healthier and more civilized lifestyle, and a more positive social climate. In addition, he actively coordinated all parties to raise funds to help the village improve cultural activity rooms, health rooms, radio stations, movie screening rooms, etc., and build a village history leisure square to meet the villagers' growing spiritual and cultural needs.

年,全村实现整体脱贫摘帽,还被评为市级'四好村'。下一步,得阳村将以'巴河—三江—恩阳河'水面旅游环线建设为契机,依托自然优势和区位优势大力发展观光农业。到那时,村里肯定又是另外一番面貌。”站在村口,眺望全村,陈聪充满信心地对记者说。 “In 2018 , the whole village achieved overall poverty alleviation and hat removal, and was also rated as a city-level 'Four Good Village'. In the next step, Deyang Village will take the opportunity of the construction of the surface tourism circle of Bahe-Sanjiang-Enyanghe as the opportunity to rely on. Natural advantages and location advantages have vigorously developed tourism agriculture. By that time, the village must be another look. "Standing at the entrance to the village, Chen Cong told reporters with confidence.

  (Li Xingchen reporter Zhong Jihui)


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