Luo Jinxian, the First Secretary of Qianji Village, Qingqi County, Guangyuan City

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安排第一书记驻村帮扶是助力脱贫攻坚的重要一环。 Editor's note: Arranging the first secretary's assistance in the village is an important part of helping the poverty alleviation. For a long time, the first secretary has been on the front line of precision poverty alleviation, brought the party's guidelines and policies to the masses, solved the problems for the masses, and played the role of the first secretary as a bridge to overcome poverty.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the People's Political Consultative Conference, and to show the demeanor of the People's Political Consultative Conference in the village to help the People's Political Consultative Conference, our reporter went deep into the field, experienced the working status of the First Secretary, and felt the spirit of struggle of the First Secretary. With immediate effect, this newspaper has launched a series of reports of "A magnificent 70 years · New Era of Struggle-The First Secretary of the CPPCC", so stay tuned.

"As long as the villagers are rich, I will not be in vain!"

——Recorded by Luo Jinxian, the First Secretary of Qianji Village, Qingchuan County, Guangyuan City

Video | The First Secretary of the CPPCC

In the early morning of July 25, Luo Jinxian went up the mountain with a briefcase. Two days ago, Li Xiuhua, a relocation household for the poor in the Democratic Village, called and said that the TV at her home was broken. Luo Jinxian planned to help.

In 2018, Luo Jinxian, who had just transferred from the army to work in the Guangyuan CPPCC, volunteered to invite him to serve as the first secretary of the democratic village of Qiqi Township, Qingchuan County to carry out precision poverty alleviation work. It has been more than a year since then.

"I am a veteran, and it is my belief to serve the people." Luo Jinxian said awkwardly, when he decided to go to the Democratic Village to help the village, his daughter was just 5 months old, so he didn't waste a lot of money. Mind to do ideological work for his wife. For more than a year, his family gave him great support, which gave him the motivation to continue.

Attentive with the masses

Democracy Village is a poverty-stricken village in the remote mountainous area of Qiqi Township, Qingchuan County. There are 126 households and 504 people in the village, of which 30 are households in poverty. Most of the young people in the village go out to work for a living, and only a few dozen old people stay in the village. There is no convenience store in the village. Every time he enters the village, Luo Jinxian will try to help the old people carry some daily necessities.

After driving for more than an hour on Panshan Road, the reporter followed Luo Jinxian to Li Xiuhua's home on the ridge of Yanbei Mountain. Seeing us coming, Li Xiuhua was busy bringing out her home-made rice wine to greet everyone. In the local area, welcoming guests with wine is a custom handed down from ancient times.

Regardless of sips, Luo Jinxian walked to the TV to get busy. "It may be that the circuit board is broken." After careful inspection, Luo Jinxian told Li Xiuhua that he was going to take the TV to a repair shop in town to have a look.

"This is not the first time Secretary Luo has helped me fix things. The washing machine and refrigerator at home had problems before. It was also when he came to help me transport it to Shanxia Town for repair and then returned." Li Xiuhua told reporters. Because his wife works outside the home all year round, and both of his children are in college, Li Xiuhua, who lives alone, has become Luo Jinxian's focus. He often went up the mountain to see what was missing in Li Xiuhua's home, what was broken and needed to be repaired, and tried to find ways to help solve difficulties and problems.

"I am a rural person. I was born and grew up in the countryside, and have deep feelings for the countryside and farmers. It is my goal to let the folks get out of poverty and live a good life." Luo Jinxian told reporters that when he visited the house, he understood Everyone's "unusual trick" in the state of mind of the masses, he and his fellow Lala are familiar with the situation of the masses' production and life. When he visited the house, he would also carefully observe the crop growth in the field and the situation of the food and clothing of the masses, and recorded it in the log of the resident village. He would bring it with him when he went up the mountain next time.

Find ways to help the masses find a way to get rich

As the saying goes, "To get rich, build the road first." "In the past, when the village was not open to the highway, the folks were carrying their shoulders on their shoulders, and it was difficult to sell the planted things. In 2016, the CPPCC helped us harden the village roads, and now it is much easier for villagers to travel." Commissioner Tang Shuping told reporters that the CPPCC not only helped coordinate funds to harden the village roads, but also comprehensively transformed the village's water, electricity, and communications networks.

With the improvement of infrastructure, Luo Jinxian thought about how to help villagers increase their income and become rich. He insisted on eating and living in the village, and went home to find out the truth. Through more than a month's visit, the situation of the village's "two committees" team, party branch construction, and industrial development was clearly understood, and the idea of doing a good job in poverty alleviation was also found.

The local high-quality “running pigs” produced and sold well, and almost every household raised pigs. However, last year, an African swine fever epidemic broke the market for "running pigs." After learning about this situation, Luo Jinxian discussed with the village "two committees" team members and planned to develop local chicken breeding.

The heavy losses brought by African swine fever have left a shadow on the hearts of the local people. When they heard that chickens were to be raised, everyone could not avoid them. Luo Jinxian and the members of the "two committees" of the village went door-to-door to do ideological work for the villagers, and gave chickens to everyone for free. This made it clear to some villagers and promised to give them a try first.

In order to increase the enthusiasm of the villagers to raise chickens, Luo Jinxian bought 200 chicken shoots from the foot of the mountain and transported them to the mountain, ready to be distributed to the villagers who wanted to adopt them. However, the chickens under the mountain could not adapt to the environment on the mountain, and about 70% of the chickens died shortly after being sent to the mountain. Seeing this, the villagers started to "retreat."

However, there is no word "give up" in the soldier's dictionary. Luo Jinxian took the village cadres to the former Municipal Animal Husbandry and Food Bureau to learn from the experience. It was learned that chickens that were three months old had weak resistance and could not adapt to high-altitude environments. Experts suggested starting trials for chickens that were six months old.

After listening to the suggestions of experts, Luo Jinxian bought another 30 chickens about 6 months old and brought them back to the mountain for testing, and it really turned out that the survival rate was over 90%. He surrounded the villagers with chickens and renovated the land according to the expert's advice. The chickens were finally settled down.

"Secretary Luo is a real person!" Luo Jinxian's words and deeds, the villagers are watching and remembering.

By the end of last year, the chickens had grown up. Luo Jinxian contacted the cadres and staff of the CPPCC and his relatives and friends to come to the village, and sold the chickens raised by the villagers by “purchasing instead of donating”, leaving the villagers with flowers on their faces.

Through the two things of raising chickens and selling chickens, Luo Jinxian gradually won the favor and trust of the villagers. However, to help democratic villages escape poverty, the income from chicken farming alone is not enough.

In order to increase the income of the elderly in the village, Luo Jinxian, together with other comrades in the village working group, sought a fund for poverty alleviation from the county party committee and county government, developed organic tea gardens on the mountain, and adopted the model of "cooperatives + farmers" to develop the collective economy. So far, more than 500 acres of tea have been planted in local mountainous areas, with an average of 3 acres per household, of which 5 acres are targeted for poverty alleviation, and the average income has increased by more than 3,000 yuan. Luo Jinxian told reporters that this year and next, they plan to cultivate more than 400 acres of tea seedlings on slopes suitable for planting in the mountains, expand the overall scale to 1,000 acres, and use tea to support the people's dream of becoming rich.

Let folks live and work in their new home

"When I first moved from the mountain to Muyu Town, I was still not used to it." Tang Yingxue was originally a villager of the First Society of Minzhu Village. In 2016, he was identified as a relocation household for poverty alleviation. Now he has moved to Muyu Town. In Democracy Village, there are still 16 relocated households such as Tang Yingxue. The villagers originally scattered in Yanbei Mountain are now mostly concentrated in Muyu Town.

"Without an acre of land in front of his house, this peasant is not like a peasant." Tang Yingxue told reporters that when he went down the mountain, he suddenly changed from a "peasant" to a "resident" in the town, although life was convenient. Quite a lot, but suddenly the land is planted, and I always feel a little empty.

Just when Tang Yingxue was confused about his future life, Luo Jinxian came to the door and told him the Party and the government's poverty alleviation policies, helped him find a job in the town, and told him that the original cultivated land on the mountain will be included in the unified planning for planting tea and tea. After the sale, he can still enjoy dividends, which only made Tang Yingxue eat a "centering pill".

"It is more important to relocate, and to do a good job in the second half of the article." Luo Jinxian believes that only by ensuring that the relocated households are truly out of poverty after the relocation, can they be considered to be realistic. For more than a year, he helped Tang Yingxue, Huang Jing and other relocated households find new jobs in the town, and he was particularly relieved to see them living and working in their new home. At present, the per capita income of Democracy Village is more than 7,000 yuan, and it has withdrawn from the ranks of poor villages.

"As long as the villagers can get rich, and the days are getting better and better, I will not be busy!" Although the Democratic Village has taken off the "poor hat", Luo Jinxian's footsteps have not stopped, the first secretary in the mountain , Still running on the road to seek happiness for the villagers.

(Reporter Jiang Handong, Hou Jian)

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