Huang Yi, Former First Secretary of Mengru Village, Liziping Township, Shimian County

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There is a steelyard in the hearts of ordinary people

——Huang Yi, the former first secretary of Mengru Village, Liziping Township, Shimian County

More than 3 years in the village help time passed by. After the Spring Festival in 2019, Huang Yi returned to the Ya'an Political Consultative Conference. Outside of work, he often appeared in his mind when he was the first secretary of Mengru Village, Liziping Township, Shimian County.

"People have a steelyard in their hearts. You really do something for them. They can see it and remember it." Huang Yi said with emotion about working in Mengrucun.

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First arrived in Mengrucun

Heavy snow fell on Tawwu Mountain in November 2015. Stepping on a foot of snow, Huang Yi walked into Mengru Village. Although he had previously been the first secretary for several years, Huang Yi was still heavy with the burden on his shoulders when he was selected to be the first secretary of Mengru Village.

On the top of Tuowu Mountain, which is more than 3,000 meters above sea level, there is a boundary monument. This side is Mengru Village. Step into the Mianning County of Liangshan Prefecture. As a result, Meng Gaocun is known as the "South Gate" of Ya'an. The beautiful scenery and rich history here are said to be one of the seven captures of Zhuge Liang during the Three Kingdoms period. However, the hard living conditions of the local villagers and the backwardness of their habitual consciousness still made Huang Yi unexpected.

“Liziping Township is a pure Yi township. The local people ’s living habits and ideology are far from the outside world. They do n’t know how to take the initiative to do things to improve their lives.” Huang Yi recalled that when he first arrived in Mengru Village, I once made a home visit to the cadres of the village group. The first stop came to a captain's house. When the door opened, a smell of musty smell came from the front, and the dark room was a mess.

Changing old thoughts and ideas, and eliminating stereotypes and bad habits, has become one of Huang Yi's priorities.

From Lajiachang

"When the first secretary has to go deep, integrate, and invest, treating the village he resides in as his own home, and the villagers as a family, can he hear the truth of the masses, pinpoint the roots of the poor, and take the right medicine." Huang Yi said. From the countryside to the village, he traveled more than 20 kilometers every day, went deep into the field to investigate and research, and visited villagers to find out the truth and listen to suggestions. There were 125 households in Mengru Village. He went from house to house.

The Yi people in the village are accustomed to communicate in Yi language, regardless of whether Huang Yi understands it. How does it work? Huang Yi insisted on getting together with the locals, sitting in dams and stones like them, setting up the Longmen array, pulling homely, and taking the opportunity to publicize the good development experience of the outside world, such as how fruit farmers in the neighboring Hanyuan County worked hard to get rich. With his easy-going and sincere attitude, the villagers gradually opened their hearts and accepted the helper cadre in the village.

During the visit, Huang Yi found that the local villagers generally have a “waiting to rely on” mentality and rely too much on policy support. To this end, he hopes to approach the villagers in a homely way, help them solve their ideological problems, and motivate them to fight poverty.

In spring, he learned about spring plowing production in the fields and guided the development of villagers; in summer, he traveled mountains and rivers, checked flood prevention work, and found hidden dangers; in autumn, he walked away from home to promote fire prevention knowledge and strengthen villagers' fire awareness; in winter, he walked into villagers In the kitchen, we send rice, oil, and warmth to the poor, and from time to time we take scissors and faders to cut hair for the villagers ...

Huang Yi attaches great importance to the construction of village cadres and party building. Meng Gaocun has not developed new party members for many years. At that time, the average age of party members in the village was over 60. Huang Yi actively thought about, improved the mechanism for the development of party members, formed a scientific training and development plan for party members, and newly cultivated five activists who joined the party, increasing the combat effectiveness of the party members in the village.

At the same time, adhering to the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, a new “two committees” team of villages was selected and satisfied. Huang Yi used his actual actions to drive all the party members and cadres of the "two committees" of the village to rush forward in the face of difficulties and consciously yield to the interests, so that the majority of the villagers would benefit first. Especially in promoting the development of the industry, party members and cadres took the lead in developing first, and became good “pathfinders” and “leaders” for the villagers.

"Secretary Wagewa!"

"I want the collective economy of this village to develop, so as to drive the people in the village to become rich and well-off." Huang Yi set his sights on the Mengrucheng scenic spot near the village.

Not only the legendary historical stories, but also the beautiful natural landscapes such as alpine meadows, virgin forests, and red rock beaches, attract more and more tourists. How to achieve the small target of increasing the collective economic income of the village around large projects in the scenic spot?

Driven and organized by Huang Yi, Mengrucun set up a tourism industry cooperative to support the development of the new village's tourism industry with two large households and 50 small households. In order to help the villagers make full use of the advantages of the new village tourism resources to open restaurants and hotels, he has repeatedly contacted the relevant county-level departments to discuss cook skills training. In order to revitalize the new homes of the idle villagers, the village “two committees” actively reflected the situation. Under the coordination of the county party committee and county government, Sichuan Nengtou Shimian Mengwucheng Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. signed an overall agreement with some villagers with idle houses For the decoration lease contract, the 53 homestays in Meng Gou Xincun became part of the Lingqi Hotel in Scenic Area after interior decoration. In this case alone, the average annual income of villagers will increase by tens of thousands of yuan.

In the past, the villagers of Mengruo Village mostly focused on extensive planting of corn and soybeans. Three years ago, the village "two committees" sought and raised funds from various parties, and built more than 20 shiitake mushroom sheds to solve the employment problem of more than 20 poor households. The village also specially arranged village technicians to teach them Mushroom method. Huang Yi won more than 3,680 chicken seedlings for the poor households in the village, and guided the villagers to plant more than 400 acres of purple potatoes and radishes.

At the end of 2016, there were 105 households in 22 households in the poverty-stricken households who had filed and settled out of poverty. Today, Mengshou Xincun has built 3 safe drinking water projects, 3 garbage disposal sites, 1 farmhouse, 1 reading room, 1 standardized village cultural activity center, and the appearance of the village is greatly improved.

"Secretary Huang Jiji (Yi: very good)!" Now, whenever Huang Yi is mentioned, the villagers of Mengru Village give thumbs up.

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