Strengthening political awareness

【2019-12-13】 【四川政协报】 [Http://] [2019-12-13] [Sichuan CPPCC News]

On December 9, the party group of the Lixian County CPPCC held a special democratic life meeting entitled "Don't forget your original heart and keep your mission in mind". The county chairman of the CPPCC and party secretary Sun Huaiyong presided over the meeting.

The county party committee of the CPPCC attaches great importance to holding this special democratic life meeting, formulating detailed plans based on actual conditions, focusing on completing relevant tasks such as pre-meeting learning, open discussions on public transportation, comprehensive and in-depth review of issues, and careful writing of review materials. Existing problems clarified the next steps of rectification and reform, and laid a good foundation for a democratic life.

At the meeting, Sun Huaiyong made an inspection and analysis on behalf of the party committee of the county CPPCC and took the lead in making a personal control check. The members of other party groups conducted individual inspections and statements one by one, and carried out criticism and self-criticism with each other. Everyone was self-critical and proactive, each other was serious and serious. The meeting achieved the effect of unifying thoughts and strengthening confidence, and achieved the purpose of tempering the party spirit and enhancing unity.

The meeting pointed out that the party committee of the county CPPCC should do the next step in accordance with the requirements of the theme education, be more proactive in learning, and constantly strengthen political consciousness; take more responsibility for work, and constantly improve the work style; and work harder for the people, Effectively enhance the happiness of the masses; be stricter in integrity and continuously enhance the awareness of honesty; be more pragmatic in rectification;

(Zhang Wei)

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