Find the "small incision" to solve the "big problem"

——Notes on the Pilot Work of the "Consultation to Negotiate" Platform of Tongjiang County CPPCC

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At 9 pm on November 21, the conference room on the fourth floor of Nuojiang Town Government of Tongjiang County was still brightly lit. The staff of the Tongjiang County CPPCC made final preparations for the "come to discuss" democratic council held the next morning.

Xiong Wenming, the secretary general of the CPPCC, told reporters that the reason why he is still working overtime so late is because the county CPPCC finally decided not to set up a podium at the meeting, and the leaders of the conference unifiedly watched the seats at the back. The CPPCC is here to 'set up the stage', not to 'grab the show'. " The absence of a rostrum fully reflects the negotiation philosophy of Tongjiang County CPPCC's "ground gas".

Since the beginning of this year, the CPPCC has identified 16 counties (cities, districts) CPPCC throughout the province to carry out pilot work on the "consultation to negotiate" platform. Tongjiang County Government Cooperation is one of the 16 pilot units, and actively explores a new way to effectively link the CPPCC consultations with grass-roots consultations.

Matters involving the interests of the masses

Extensive consultation among grassroots

In order to conscientiously implement the requirements of the Provincial Committee of the CPPCC's "Notice on Carrying out the Pilot Work of" Consultation to Negotiate "Platform Construction in Some County-level CPPCC" requirements, the Tongjiang County CPPCC was identified as one of the pilot units in August this year. He took the lead in formulating the implementation plan of the pilot work and set up a pilot work leading group with the chairman of the county CPPCC committee, Yan Jichuan.

"It is necessary to get through the last mile of the members' contact with the masses, so that the masses can feel that the CPPCC members are nearby, and let the masses and members communicate face-to-face. The key is to build a platform." Yan Minchuan believes that the masses must be involved in the negotiation process. To get a sense, first find the incision and build the platform.

Community governance has always been a hot issue for people's livelihood. In order to effectively solve this difficult problem of people's livelihood, the CPPCC decided that the theme of the democratic council was "improving the service management level of the county's residential communities." In order to ensure that the results of the consultation are satisfactory to the masses, at the beginning of November, the CPPCC organized 10 investigation groups to conduct in-depth investigations in communities such as Shiniuzui, Dongcheng, and Xicheng, to conduct face-to-face communication with the masses, find out the truth, sort out problems, and make suggestions.

"There is no farmer's market in the Shiniuzui community, and it is difficult for residents to buy vegetables. It is recommended that relevant departments plan and build a farmer's market as soon as possible."

"The Dongcheng community has resident residents of 5,784 households, 21,653, and 23 property communities. There are currently only 7 community cadres and 8 resident groups. Most communities do not have an owner committee. It is recommended that they be established as soon as possible."


The research team summarized the problems found in the survey and formed a research report, which was ready to "attack" the relevant departments at the democratic council.

"We must first figure out the masses' ideas and give suggestions that are reasonable, in line with the wishes of the masses, and objective and practical." Fu Xiude, a member of the county CPPCC committee, believes that members must both listen to the opinions of the masses and combine the actual situation. Suggestions and suggestions for problem solving.

Negotiate for business

A meeting full of dry goods

On the morning of November 22, Wu Chaolin, a resident representative of the Chunchangping community, came to the Nuojiang Town Government. He was honored to be invited to this democratic council. "This is the first time that I can communicate with the county head at zero distance." Wu Chaolin told reporters that he hoped that the relevant departments could help the Chunchangping community plan and build a residential activity square, so that the masses could have a place to exercise.

At 9 am, the meeting officially started. CPPCC members and resident representatives from the communities in the county seat spoke on issues such as difficult community management, inadequate property management systems, hidden dangers to housing safety, incomplete public facilities, indiscriminate parking and parking of community vehicles, and fire prevention facilities. The leaders of the County Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, the County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, and the County Public Security Bureau responded one by one at the scene.

"We apologize to the residents of the community. We will increase guidance, strengthen the property management industry norms, and advocate that some communities set up owners committees as soon as possible."

"Thanks to the members of the county CPPCC for their suggestions, we will increase publicity, increase fire equipment, strengthen fire safety training, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property."


The atmosphere at the meeting was warm and full of dry goods. For the problems that can be resolved immediately, the relevant departments stated that they would immediately resolve them; for the problems that cannot be resolved for the time being, the relevant departments stated that they would hurry to organize in-depth research and gradually resolve them one by one; and for the need to ask the higher level for support to resolve, also explain to members and residents representatives The reason is given, and the next step is proposed.

"This is a win-win on-site consultation meeting. The interests of the masses are fully protected and the party committee government has won the hearts and minds of the people." Zhao Yuanyuan, deputy county chief, admitted that the consultation and investigation were in-depth, the analysis of the problem was in place, and the recommendations were pertinent and the response measures were strong. It is of great significance to further improve the service management level of county residents. In the next step, the relevant departments of the county government will seriously absorb the opinions and suggestions, take effective measures to solve the problem, and ensure that it is in place.

"The platform is popular, full of dry goods, and this platform is popular; honestly speaking, speaking for yourself, the masses have a lot of questions; face the problem, sincerely, and respond to the point of speaking; to seek common ground, achieve business, and the government stands high. "Zhang Xiaojun, vice chairman of the county CPPCC, put these words to a successful end to this meeting.

"The county CPPCC's" come to discuss things "platform construction effect has begun to appear, and the next step will be to reconvene the on-site consultation centering on" developing a new Xiangxian culture and promoting grass-roots social governance "to make the negotiation culture truly popular." Yan Yanchuan said.

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