Shawan District Political Consultative Conference of Leshan City recruits National Hygienic City

【2019-12-16】 【乐山市沙湾区政协】 [Http://] [2019-12-16] [Shawan District Political Consultative Conference of Leshan City]

14日,乐山市沙湾区政协组织部分区政协委员,深入沙湾镇、太平镇、嘉农镇等地,采取实地查看、召开座谈会等方式,视察监督创建国家卫生城市工作。 On December 14th , the Shawan District CPPCC in Leshan City organized some CPPCC members to go deep into Shawan Town, Taiping Town, Jianong Town, and other places, and conducted site inspections and seminars to inspect and supervise the work of creating a national health city.

The members suggested that we must streamline the management system for innovation and health, find gaps to fill the gaps, and promote the orderly creation of work; we must strengthen urban planning management and municipal facilities, increase investment, and build a number of demonstration sites to promote urban construction. Quality; to carry out special rectification, build a long-term management mechanism, introduce urban management methods, and promote refined management; strengthen publicity and guidance, strengthen organizational mobilization, mobilize and stimulate mass participation, and improve the quality of civil civilization; strengthen supervision and strict assessment, Increase the rewards and penalties, and make every effort to promote the creation.

(Ye Qiyun)

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