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The First Standing Committee Meeting of the 12th Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Held by Ke Zunping
On the morning of January 30, the first meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th Committee of the CPPCC Sichuan Province was held in Chengdu. Ke Zunping, Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference presided over the meeting. The meeting heard a description of personnel matters, and considered and approved the twelfth member of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC ...
Warm congratulations to the successful conclusion of the first session of the 12th CPPCC
Concentrate on big plans and work together for development. On January 29, the first meeting of the 12th Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference successfully completed the various agendas and closed successfully in Chengdu. We warmly congratulate the conference on its success ...
Proceedings of the closing session of the twelfth session of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference
In the afternoon of January 29, more than 800 members of the Provincial Committee of the CPPCC successively stepped into the auditorium of the Jinniu Hotel to participate in the closing meeting of the 12th session of the CPPCC. Steady pace, vigorous spirit and firm eyes-it is not difficult to see that members are full of confidence in the future. ...

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Qing Guangya: Speed up the construction of education information
Zheng Xuebing: vigorously promote the introduction of avocado in Panxi area

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In recent years, the global incidence of birth defects has been increasing year by year. The total incidence of birth defects in China is about 5.6%, and rural and poor areas are the hardest hit areas. After the implementation of the "two-child policy" in China, the number of older mothers has increased, and the risk of birth defects has increased. How can we better prevent birth defects and further improve the quality of the population?
"As a new member, I am very honored to be able to strike directly at the scene of the 'two sessions', and at the same time I feel a heavy responsibility on my shoulders." Member Li Xinghua said that he will actively learn from the old members and bring ideas and suggestions from the grassroots to the This platform continuously improves the ability to perform duties.

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The Second Session of the Bureau of the First Session of the Twelfth Session of the CPPCC

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Suggestions on Doing a Good Job in Supporting Poverty Alleviation
Suggestions on the implementation of industrial integration and development to promote rural revitalization
Suggestions for speeding up the development of artificial intelligence industry
Suggestions on promoting the reconstruction of the Jiuzhaigou earthquake
Promote outstanding entrepreneurship and lead private companies to take responsibility
Improve the input supervision mechanism to win the battle for clear water defense
Create "Bashu Green Bank" to help the construction of beautiful Sichuan
Creating a Good Rule of Law Environment to Protect the Legal Rights and Interests of Entrepreneurs
Eliminate financial risks in promoting high-quality economic development
Suggestions on systematically promoting comprehensive innovation reform experiments
Suggestions on comprehensive management of water environment in Minjiang River Basin
To run a satisfactory education for the people, don't forget the hilly areas
Actively Deploying the Commanding Heights to Promote the Development of New Economy in Our Province
On improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the integrated use of agricultural funds in poor counties ..
Suggestions on Accelerating the Construction of a Leading Intellectual Property Province
Suggestions on Doing a Good Job of Solving the Difficulties of Urban Employees
[Illustrated] Work Report of the Eleventh Standing Committee of the CPPCC
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